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  1. tendub

    i thought 6 words was bad, but youve proven me wrong with 8 additional words of utter nonsense. you make no effort to respond to any of my claims and you still wont even say who was behind these "lots of complaints" nor will you admit that your methods of admun'ing are trash such as relying on non-admin's input over your own admin team. i had low expectations here but damn you still managed to shatter them.
  2. tendub

    i didnt assume anything, shizo himself said he did an eban based on other complaints so i was only asking who that might have been because my chat box only showed admins taking my side in the matter so i have to assume shizo is referring to private complaints from non-admins, of which it may be wicked for all i know. but no my original report said nothing of wicked's grudge because i did not find it relevant, well that is until shizo made his comments. and as shizo said it very clearly was not a mistake in his eyes. i was only using wicked as an example of why you shouldnt admin based on co
  3. tendub

    and fierce there really isnt any karma here, nide couldnt win a single round when i was ebanned whereas on unlose we beat the entire v6 map with wicked kept away from important items lol hard to call it karma when its only punishing your own server and preventing it from being able to win lmao
  4. tendub

    well let's get to the bottom of this, who was complaining against me? because it sure wasnt other admins, they were all in support of undoing the eban and is that how you do admun on nide, just a few people in the server with no idea about what's going on make a complaint and you eban for it? am i understanding this correctly? i sure hope someone is higher than you on the admun totem pole here lol. why even bother having admins just let !voteban run your server at this point. was one of these complainers wicked by chance? someone who as fierce pointed out has an axe to grind for getting an
  5. tendub

    playing mako v6 today (dec 3) and i was ebanned by life first which was later undone after many rounds of pleading my case, and then again by shizo which was later undone but only at the last second before map change, perhaps in an attempt to cover their ass for a bullsh*t eban but the damage was already done and i couldnt take materias for many rounds. the first eban was because one or two players complained about my ice not being used at the top of pipes which resulted in wind dying (wind died because he couldnt do pipes quick enough but its easier to blame someone else than admit you mad
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