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  1. That is different from posting a link in your profile lol
  2. Shouldn’t I have gotten a warning AND not a insta ban?
  3. I invited high only once he never said yes or no. Please give me a chance
  4. I have recently made a discord server and it main purpose is to chill and have fun, all i did was private message an invite to HIGH who then banned me from the nide discord server? Please can somebody help as i find this a bit unusual as why i would get banned from nide discord for doing this? I was not even advertising on the server!!
  5. I agree with Nothai and his opinion he does have a good point maybe we should make some kind of voting system. I do really like the new zombie sounds imho they sound too me way more realistic.
  6. One of the best is slow dancing by Steve luow
  7. +1 Really good player and respects others. I believe he will be a good admin.(Might lack admin knowledge but that can be fixed fast).
  8. Big in Japan - Alphivalle
  9. Self control-Laura Branigan (also pretty good.) Dance with me-alphaville
  10. Down under by men at work.
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