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  1. RockLeeTheGreenBeast

    Much has been said allready, but yes i your a good guy and a good player you just need more time and experience first so u feel more safe handleling the server, so i suggest you complete your admin donated periode first and keep up with bein active and apply again when you feel you are ready again to apply, learning the community better and getting map knowledge is a major key aswell Looking foward to see you apply again God Luck.
  2. RockLeeTheGreenBeast

    Hello Samwise, its been said allready but i noticed before that there was some challenges with the english and communication with u and other admins that kinda collided, and just activity just in generel, its a -1 for now.
  3. RockLeeTheGreenBeast

    again your asuming something that dosent add up to your actions lately on the server, im done repeating my self 100 times because in the end you just dont want to understand or learn from your mistakes. you are not above any other players on this server and i acted on your sourcebans and the system we are using, you dont have any benifits on this server and your name dosent make you any higher than other players, about your group i simply made a comment about the ex eod players u brought since u talked alot of shit about my clan before, but hey this is you we are talking about so when you are
  4. RockLeeTheGreenBeast

    Here we go again, making up your own lies and stories again, dont know what happend to you but you are clearly disturbed i recomend u go and see a doctor and get some help like no joke, your behaviour lately towards admins on nide is not acceptable and your trolling, today you mislead in mic to use yektima and just by reading your report im loosing braincells of how stupied u can be sometimes, Witchhunt ? u mean the same witchhunt u did to 10 + players on the server when you abused them several times just because they didnt like you ? You removing me from steam tbh i couldnt care less its jus
  5. RockLeeTheGreenBeast

    Creepy its still not an exuse you know that on events we are more strict and we can give punishments without warnings it says that also on announcements on all events we post on forums. U should know better, try to reverse the mentality here, if you was admin in that position you would do the ban aswell. You can also risk the possibility of influencing new players to do the same thing. The ban was justified, i tried to talk some sence into you but you wont listen so my advice is for next event, dont inflate or do anything else that you know its not allowed, thats it. you ban is soon over Wish
  6. RockLeeTheGreenBeast

    1+ Good Luck
  7. RockLeeTheGreenBeast

    Good Answers And that last answer got me, lmao good one For me 1+ good application i think u can tribute alot for nide Good Luck
  8. RockLeeTheGreenBeast

    Well Written, Good Guy and friendly Good Player Also 1+ Good Luck
  9. RockLeeTheGreenBeast

    Yeah ofc i remember you, you allways say hello to me and bein polite and kind sad to see you leave but i understand that work is important aswell. i hope we will see you again, good luck my friend
  10. RockLeeTheGreenBeast

    1+ Good Luck
  11. RockLeeTheGreenBeast

    1+ Cool to see you apply here would be fun to have u onboard our admin team Good Luck
  12. RockLeeTheGreenBeast

    Well Written 1+ Good Luck
  13. RockLeeTheGreenBeast

  14. RockLeeTheGreenBeast

    Same happend yesterday aswell on discord on generel, i did the same thing there to norisk and we had ourself a laugh.
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