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  1. Raughie

    also i bought Counter Strike Source on Steam last year
  2. Raughie

    well, we're not using VPN changer. my parents doesn't have any idea what it is. so i did tell my parents madly "Did you used VPN changer?" and my dad doesn't know it too. when i connect to the server "Raughie connected from Russian Federation" and i live in greenland. when i see my VPN located in Greenland i get even more confused "Qaqortoq" city where my VPN is located. i live in Nuuk(Biggest city greenland). or is it the false kick? if not. i'm probably not joining again.
  3. Raughie

    Well, i mainly play on Zombie Escape server. and this sh*t happened "Disconnect: Same Steam ID Connected . ." if someone impersonates as me, please kick that motherf*cker. i always get quiet when i start playing on Zombie Escape. i don't mind chat but i always listen to voice chat(i haven't got annoyed by voice chat since 2009). i have the screenshot but cannot upload it here.
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