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  1. FPTyel

    try to restart your router \ internet
  2. FPTyel

    Everyone can do it. Randomly or because of skill - doesnt matter. As I said - join into the old knife server, get knifed by ~1.45-1.56m every time, and you will be shocked. Also, specially for everyone - you may change updaterate and interp values on CS:GO too, they are NOT restricted. But it changing updaterate back as server set, and lowering interp as much as possible. Anyway, on CS:S, interp setted as 6, but on CS:GO it's ~ 0.05 - 0.08 (getting almost to 0 = ADVANTAGE INTENSIFIES). So if you want so hard to stop it - just lock sv_updaterate to server value (and interp too). Super f*cking easy.
  3. FPTyel

    No comments.
  4. FPTyel

    (c) Batata, who never played on old knifing servers (and I think on knife servers at all).
  5. FPTyel

    Opened, because checkster abusing admin as he wants. Also, he CAN'T close topic as being reported, otherwise forum is not working as needed.
  6. FPTyel

    Using commands for having advantage. Commands. But banned for "HACKS". If you banning for commands, which are allowed to use by Valve (and allowed to use without sv_cheats 1), YOU breaking rules of server, not Rin. Commands are: sv_updaterate 0 sv_interp 0.000000000000001 There are not exploit, if they could be exploit, they must be fixed. But it's still usable since 2004. You can't argue that as cheat. "almost invincible at every knife duel" - so well if you knifing for many years - you may be almost invincible for noobs. If you bhopping for many years - you may be almost invincible for noobs. If you playing public for many many years - you may be almost invincible, for noobs. Do you understand what I mean? Well, if you argue that as cheat, that give advantage - let's restrict bhop commands, because it gives huge advantage against people, who can't bhop. It's fully the same, as for Rin, who using 2 commands to remove animation of models (updaterate) and lower lerp value (~0ms vs 100 ms). Let's ban people, who lowering graphic settings to lower than possible, because it can be argued as cheat, which boosting fps insanely (huge fps is advantage, too). ====================================================================================== If you NEVER had experience to play on knife servers, just stop cry because you are bad, and play harder. You banned him before for cheats like knifebot, now you banning him for legit commands. Bellisimo, stop envy and scream like kids, and train yourself. NiDE never had played knifefun, so there are 99% of noobs.
  7. FPTyel

    CS:GO ZE
  8. FPTyel

    if 90% players will vote - is ok. But less = abuse
  9. FPTyel

    You guys better stop sh*tting yourself, because both of you (checkster + Rud) literally hate yourselfs for ***** reason (write yours). But I agree with your position. Warning for @RuD. @William! :DThe statement is alright, and will be indicable for EVERY admin. (I think if admin reporting admin - it's alright) Because as Klixus said on discord - "admins are not machines". I can't handle all of this and let everyone be fine, if getting SO MANY reports from everyone and clicking !klixus to help me to decide what to do (if situation is going out of control). So at this point we will not argue with anyone - make a damn report on forum first with every evidence needed (demo \ screenshot \ chat history from stats\ etc), and then we will decide what to do. No matter who is being reported. P.S. I didn't see any abusive activity from f0rze, he only did 2 mistakes with bans, because of me. !Warning myself. I told him to do 3-7d bans against bhop hyperscrollers \ hacks. As I tested before bhop limitation it DIDN'T work. But yesterday it works fine, so yeah, use "!bhop <nick> 0", it helps a lot. But yeah, @checkster I don't really get your activity too. Since you are normal admin too (with more privilegies), you just cleared my comment about knifer to ban him for a month is repeats (14 bans because of knifing, hello, he's inedictable), and also unbanned him (to let him get 15-th ban for knifing, very nice). So that is my personal warning for you too. Atleast warn someone that you edited your ban, please. Alright, I hope you guys will control yourself, and use admin privilegies as a instrument to control everything on server, not for your own \ personal wishes. If you want to do something not normally or much different, than before - make a plan, when \ where you will do it, ask players, ask for admin with higher privilegie first, and if everything is fine - you are good, do what you want in moderation. Peace for everyone.
  10. 1d ban for knifing. 1week gag for insulting. Demo: https://anonfile.com/c2f7Pav7nb/auto-20190619-063214-zm_l_la_pan_c_ose_sk2_dem - ~33500 tick I see he prop shooting bit earlier, but need more evidence to consider it as trolling. Closed.
  11. Can you atleast tell the time, when it happened (knifing) and what map is. About chat - will be punished, but need to check demo first.
  12. FPTyel

    Sora - Have already been banned for 1 week. mizuki-chan - 5 days ban for knifing zombie from spawn (80000 - 81000 tick). Swoon - Clear, not guilty. Please, close this topic @Klixus .
  13. Santassination and any sort of extremely hard maps.
  14. FPTyel

    1: Boris (FPTyel) 2: Zombie Escape 3: Was a manager on 2018 and then demoted by myself. 4: Reborn without Pivovaric - finally some hope for community and this server. Let's work 5: Well at the moment I'm currently being an admin on another project, which is more important for me. But it does not mean, that I'm gonna ignore this one and get free ADMUN instead, nope. Better stay regular admin to prevent some sh8t and make gameplay comfortable if possible. (If you return back Pivovaric - please demote me)