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  1. "Hyperscroll" word itself have a "scroll" word, so it is legit scroll, but permitted to use (because it giving advantage of huge number "+jump" triggers per jump, which is giving you much more accurate and perfect jumps). Don't ask me why, this rule is active on every ze server. So only it will help, unless you have the button on your mouse to limit scroll. And there is no whitelist yet, even if many years are passed.
  2. Calm down and explain what happened, include demo / chat log
  3. +1, convincing and constructed application, such a pleasure to read P.S. Aimbotters are usually do not use specific settings to have smooth aimbot, it is not public sv. However, some players are unique. To prevent consequences, check if his crosshair is humanity moving. As you experienced on ZR for year, you'll find it out, easy peasy
  4. He's retired admin, so he acknowledge basic staff for admins. Also old, but gold rusky ze player, so +1
  5. The problem is: plugin usually triggering if AVERAGE (avg) triggers are above 12 (at least this works on normal TOG plugin, not this one) Triggering it by some 12-13 jumps is not a guaranteed way to get the flag. Also, random scrolling up\down usually is not using by people. So if you're wondering about detection - check also "gain" and "outvel" parameters
  6. Trigger jumps above 12-13 are hyperscrolls. Killik represented a screenshot of detection pattern, so ban is correct
  7. Судя по твоим логам, а именно: 1. лог чата - манера общения осталась идентичной; 2. ник при заходе якобы другого человека был идентичный, как и стимид; 3. в данный момент нельзя (!) заспуфить человека с легитимным стимид; Лог: https://stats.nide.gg/hlstats.php?mode=playerinfo&player=18391 Пускай старшие проверяет твои заходы по айпишникам, но возникает ощущение, что ты врёшь. + Срок дали исходя из прошлых банов. Если не врёшь - меняй пароль к стим аккаунту. Демку не помешает ещё проверить P.S. Any admin please check for demos, no idea where does that happened, only time
  8. You forgot about toxicity and admin ignorance of trolling people.
  9. This is why knife knockback should be set to default (not boosting anyone). But people will keep yelling me wrong, yikes His ban: https://bans.nide.gg/index.php?p=banlist&advSearch=STEAM_0:1:9383174&advType=steamid&Submit
  10. Blue + White lasers on ~white skybox = definitely is a hindrance. (btw yektima should be bannable too, but since it is css, this cancerous will never end)
  11. so why do you think it is abuse, if you already explained everything. deserved imo.
  12. I said this as a often-used situtation, not about this one
  13. Lasermap: nope We will hold materia until everyone die and do solo, profit.
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