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  1. FPTyel

    He is right, doesnt matter to find any demos, because of little punishments and avoiding ban. You could try to watch by yourself 5 - 10 - 15 last demos of FF maps with them. I did see like 6-8 demos (didnt remember correctly), and almost every demo is funny to watch. Especially not shooting lasers is the most often. Ok well just restrict all weapons on lasers part, nobody must care how to kill the boss - just do this. Not fair? Who cares, some people are still abuse this silently, so just take off all weapons from every player on laser part, this should be fair Retexture lasers (to see them without any problem, because CS : SOURCE is outdated) + Hide all + some trolling = yay we're pro we did yolo\duo\trio\etc. Ez strat to keep trolling, u never get perm ban. (It's time to add months \ perm bans, some people are never changes) P.S. Lasers are destroying the main concept of TEAMPLAY on ze. This is a truth. Atleast it's already f*cked up on CS : S. Increase difficult of maps by adding strippers, this will be the best and fastest way to do everything better. Or look more carefully for players, who trying to trolling by not shooting.
  2. FPTyel

    My apologies. https://stats.nide.gg/hlstats.php?mode=chat&game=css_ze&page=592 (goes off to 600+) Screenshot Demo: https://demos.nide.gg/css_ze/auto-20200324-171832-ze_sandstorm_f1.dem 59000 tick Ok I will explain shortly. Round ago: Kai used Sandstorm after tp on boxes, to kill zombies and let people go to final tp. [entWatch] Kai Master Of Poncher (0:0:79553931) used SandStorm Staff [entWatch] Kai Master Of Poncher (0:0:79553931) has dropped SandStorm Staff Cosmo Cockyon Kai Master Of Poncher : not my fault Cosmo Cockyon Kai Master Of Poncher : sh*t cover At this time Mrac goes to spec, because got interested who was Sandstorm. Next round, absolute the same happening, but he used sandstorm bit later to kill zombies and let people go. [entWatch] Kai Master Of Poncher (0:0:79553931) used SandStorm Staff *SPEC* Mrac : ( ͡° ͜つ ͡°) [entWatch] Kai Master Of Poncher (0:0:79553931) has dropped SandStorm Staff [entWatch] Kai Master Of Poncher (0:0:79553931) has died with SandStorm Staff and then *SPEC* Mrac : why u used sandstorm ? *SPEC* Mrac : EOD PLAYER Cosmo Cockyon Kai Master Of Poncher : i used sandstorm too early my bad xd *SPEC* OnePiece Allmight : be quiet mrac *SPEC* OnePiece Allmight : or gag Cosmo Cockyon Kai Master Of Poncher : i thought zms would die lol Cosmo Cockyon Kai Master Of Poncher : but too early Cosmo Cockyon Kai Master Of Poncher : well if i used it later i would kill all those zms Cosmo Cockyon Kai Master Of Poncher : lol Allmight hopes for win, and then *SPEC* Mrac : shut your f*cker mouth *SPEC* Mrac : Allmight IMO you guys are both wrong. Mrac didn't get this sandstorm on boxes, due to ugly vision, and you took Mrac as a toxic at start, to make him shut up. So after that, Mrac got tilted and start to do sh*t. Nothing to say against, but please stay polite to everyone. Peace.
  3. FPTyel

  4. It could be silly question, but anyway. If I will have any troubles with foreign (I'll appropriate any non-english guy as a foreign guy) guy - how am I suppose to report him? I mean it's easy to report, but who will look onto this? To prevent unforseen consequences... and make a point.
  5. *And got nothing in total, because slay is not enough and will not give educational process to stop it. They will just complete their job, but more carefully. I understood that the decision would be difficult, because a completely atypical report, but at least I had a task to convey to the administrators that the problem really exists, and special attention should be paid to it. I will look further into the players behaviour, and keep reporting (I'm not that lazy, sometimes I'm very impressed to see someone's gameplay to learn something more). Some ru servers are already punish these players, not in the best way, but at least something. I hope that you will implement it here, too. So let other admins do a review, still interesting to watch. But the last words for Batata, of course.
  6. Я не хочу критиковать твои действия и понимаю всю ситуацию, но просто старайся держать себя в руках и не кидаться на оскорбления, будучи на посту. Это всё. Why we can't? I report 2 players to force other people to not repeat this. Because I 100% know who they are, and enough skilled to beat maps. Let's not look onto the newbies, it's understandable. Why I report them? Because it's griefing (or trolling) to make your teammates lose. If I will not shoot any bosses and zombies also, I must get banned, so why it's not working the same as for laser bosses? The big problem is total ignoring all of this from many years ago and for nowadays still. Yeah it require a lot of time to look onto every player, but it's not that important (because only some of the players are especially trolling). Or you may try to do a special plugin which auto-detecting these people (after N lasers didn't do enough minimal damage for few rounds = reporting to admins). This is a global problem, and as many players will exploit it, the less chance to win for other people (equally we are losing the main concept of ZombieEscape). If people are trolling with items, it's less chance to win (if not 0%). If people are not shooting zombies \ normal bosses, it's still less chance to win, down to 0%. The same as for laser bosses. And if people losing so many rounds, these <skilled laser-players> will be toxic and rage against everyone, but not blaming themselfs to be useless. So admins should stop ignore that.
  7. 1: Your own ingame name: FPTyel 2: Your own steam-ID: STEAM_0:0:54446629 3: Name of the player(s) involved: better than you ; neko 4: Steam-ID of the player(s) involved: better than you: STEAM_0:0:9286503 neko: STEAM_0:1:56190679 5: What server did it happen on: ZombieEscape 6: What map: Mako_Reactor_v5_3 ; shroomforest_v2 ; Tyranny_v5fix ; Cosmo_Canyon 7: Time and date: 28-29 February 8: Explain the situation: So the story begins. Mainly this post about better than you, but neko starts to troll too, so let's start: Firstly I played cosmo canyon as zombie on last round of final level, and got surprised, that people are killing Genesis too slow, and had some suspicious, does these winners did it for legit, especially I spectate for two players often to see how they are acting on final part (btw spectating is a good part to get more experience, you know). And yeah, better than you and neko are not shooted genesis at all. I wondered if they always do that, and checked 3 favourite maps for lazor elitos. And I got this: Better than you: 014402: - 108000 not using ice to defend - 116000 using second ice instead of saving for defence - 125000 not shooting sephiroth 021554: - 89000 late trigger - 94300 not shooting sephiroth 034100: - 93300 using water on lasers infront of humans (less vision of lasers, why not already when zombie were on batterfly and portal is gone) - 93800 not shooting laser-satana (After water he was banned for 30 minutes and after for ~1440 minutes but it was late, so he got lucky) 043912: from 0 to 69000 always goes to spec and back to game for no reason, after being first zombie and goes to spec - got banned for trolling (could be glitching the game idunno) neko trying to defence him, but anyway he repeating the same. (after wicked said he got banned because of shroomforest) few times later he still asking why he got banned (Elites don't know that they are trolling hmm), Wicked replied once more, for shroomforest. And we are getting: *SPEC* neko : clown 4svshnii na admine) (which means Clown with a heightened self-esteem (4sv in russia means heightened self-esteem and often consider as insult) on the admin (translator)) few more insulting between him and admin we're got (97200) *SPEC* neko : ladno, degradirui dal'she so svoimi arabami *SPEC* neko : dodik) Or Ладно, деградируй дальше со своими арабами Додик Or Ok, keep degrading with your arabs (Okay, degrade further with your Arabs <- translator, you may check) Idiot (Dodik is not possible to translate and means Idiot (to make it simple)) Ok it was unproffesional from Wicked and I hope he will learn this lesson, but I can understand his feels. Also, neko, stop defending troll and be toxic. Now about cosmo canyon: 161733: - 97000 where lasers are approach, no nade from better than you, no nade from neko, 0 dmg to Genesis from better than you, around 10-20 dmg from neko. And don't forget to look the top of the dmg: top30 for better than you and top40 for neko. FFVII Elites, if you forgot. Newbies does more impact in the game, than Elites, it's so cute. I want to ask admins to look more carefully for playes on lasers part and prevent all of this action. Stop ignore it like nothing happened. If you want to get harder gameplay - make lasers faster, or zombies faster, or anything. It's 2020, cmon! ========================= P.S. Why I do report them? Because I want to warn other players to stop griefing your teammates (yeah, no shooting boss on lasers part is a griefing, if you don't know. The same if you not shoot zombies \ not shooting any bosses => ignoring the main concept of the mode. Zombie Escape is a cooperative mode, where people must cooperate with themselfs to win the maps. If you griefing people by letting them die on lasers to do another solo/duo/trio - you are not deserved to be winner, and surely not deserved to be Elites (because of breaking the main concept of the mode) ========================= PP.S. I hope administration of FFVII Elites and any Elites / Legends group will look further onto this. Respect to be respected. 9: Proof: Demos: 014402: https://demos.nide.gg/css_ze/auto-20200229-014402-ze_ffvii_mako_reactor_v5_3.dem 021554: https://demos.nide.gg/css_ze/auto-20200229-021554-ze_ffvii_mako_reactor_v5_3.dem 034100: https://demos.nide.gg/css_ze/auto-20200229-034100-ze_shroomforest2_v1.dem 043912: https://demos.nide.gg/css_ze/auto-20200229-043912-ze_tyranny_v5fix.dem 161733: https://demos.nide.gg/css_ze/auto-20200228-161733-ze_ffvii_cosmo_canyon_v5fix.dem
  8. FPTyel

    try to restart your router \ internet
  9. FPTyel

    Everyone can do it. Randomly or because of skill - doesnt matter. As I said - join into the old knife server, get knifed by ~1.45-1.56m every time, and you will be shocked. Also, specially for everyone - you may change updaterate and interp values on CS:GO too, they are NOT restricted. But it changing updaterate back as server set, and lowering interp as much as possible. Anyway, on CS:S, interp setted as 6, but on CS:GO it's ~ 0.05 - 0.08 (getting almost to 0 = ADVANTAGE INTENSIFIES). So if you want so hard to stop it - just lock sv_updaterate to server value (and interp too). Super f*cking easy.
  10. FPTyel

    No comments.
  11. FPTyel

    (c) Batata, who never played on old knifing servers (and I think on knife servers at all).
  12. FPTyel

    Opened, because checkster abusing admin as he wants. Also, he CAN'T close topic as being reported, otherwise forum is not working as needed.
  13. FPTyel

    Using commands for having advantage. Commands. But banned for "HACKS". If you banning for commands, which are allowed to use by Valve (and allowed to use without sv_cheats 1), YOU breaking rules of server, not Rin. Commands are: sv_updaterate 0 sv_interp 0.000000000000001 There are not exploit, if they could be exploit, they must be fixed. But it's still usable since 2004. You can't argue that as cheat. "almost invincible at every knife duel" - so well if you knifing for many years - you may be almost invincible for noobs. If you bhopping for many years - you may be almost invincible for noobs. If you playing public for many many years - you may be almost invincible, for noobs. Do you understand what I mean? Well, if you argue that as cheat, that give advantage - let's restrict bhop commands, because it gives huge advantage against people, who can't bhop. It's fully the same, as for Rin, who using 2 commands to remove animation of models (updaterate) and lower lerp value (~0ms vs 100 ms). Let's ban people, who lowering graphic settings to lower than possible, because it can be argued as cheat, which boosting fps insanely (huge fps is advantage, too). ====================================================================================== If you NEVER had experience to play on knife servers, just stop cry because you are bad, and play harder. You banned him before for cheats like knifebot, now you banning him for legit commands. Bellisimo, stop envy and scream like kids, and train yourself. NiDE never had played knifefun, so there are 99% of noobs.
  14. FPTyel

    CS:GO ZE
  15. FPTyel

    if 90% players will vote - is ok. But less = abuse