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  1. GaGaGa

    Definitely +1, must be an admin
  2. GaGaGa

    Neutral to this. From me I would say your soundpad spam is not appropriate for an admin.
  3. GaGaGa

    bro not in new year plz
  4. GaGaGa

    I've uploaded the same file to other file sharing website, so you don't need to sign up. https://dropmefiles.com/jidEl
  5. GaGaGa

    Have u ever seen how aimbot works? I guess not. It would have been locked on any of the zombies but as u can see I rotate a lot a and my aim is not following any of zombies. Stop crying already...
  6. GaGaGa

    It's really not about ff maps, a lot of people join server for 1 map and just leave after, stop redirecting it to ff.
  7. GaGaGa

    lol what do we do wrong? Every server loses online after playing lazer maps. We played ff 2 times a day, it wasn't ff marathons. I guess someone is just too greedy about online.
  8. GaGaGa

    wait, no paradox??
  9. In-Game Name: nuK Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:73508244 Banned by: Sausage Clicker Server: Zombie Escape :: NiDE.GG :: Rank|FastDL|SSD Reason: Hacking Proof: screenshots only, no actual video fragments etc.So today I was playing mountain bbo and sausage clicker mentioned some high speed from me (so he banned me). I was frustrated so I was looking for a reason to misunderstand me. I told that I picked the nitghtingale item at the same time as the other guy so it basically bugged and gavee speed to me as well. Tbh, I have no clue how speed in css works. I was just straferuning as
  10. GaGaGa

    @Anwar Even though you have banned me a few times, you were a good admin. Good luck.
  11. GaGaGa

    Batata acts like he want, it's ok for a dictator root.
  12. GaGaGa

    I admitted hacking when I was banned on unloze. But unloze is not nide and after that i wasnt spotted for using any hacks, you can check any demo from this week and see that there is no norecoil etc.
  13. GaGaGa

    In-Game Name: nukSteam ID: STEAM_0:1:73508244Banned by: BatataServer: Zombie Escape :: NiDE.GG :: Rank|FastDL|SSDReason: lazer hackProof: He doesn't have any actual proofs of me lazer hacking. I was always crouching and then jumping lasers since darkroad taught me this. So this means he totally hates me and just waited for proper time to ban me. Btw, he talks about retextured lazers which I am using that it's not fair. Show me the f*cking rule you are refering to, please. And finally he talks I dont' care about team!!! Tells that I didn't shoot at lasers! Than give me 1 hour ban or slay.
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