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  1. DarkDoesAnime

    0-18 f*cking nig
  2. DarkDoesAnime

  3. DarkDoesAnime

    -1 bro i havent seen the forums for almost 9 months
  4. Happy birthday my guy (Might not actually be your birthday since not everyone places their real birthdate in anything) either way, happy birthday 😂

  5. DarkDoesAnime

    ight ill try these out thanks!
  6. another youtube admin incoming
  7. DarkDoesAnime

    any tips so i can get more fps? i have an potato laptop soooooooooooooooooo
  8. DarkDoesAnime

    +1 very kool my guy i agree to this
  9. Hi im dark

    you Prob know me on the Css Zombie Escape Server

    so yeah



    DarkDoesAnime#6610 (My Discord)

  10. DarkDoesAnime

    William You Are The Best Guy Ever Im new in nide but i know William William #1! Free CSS is nice so i can't lose my Money for my food ;-; thanks william https://steamcommunity.com/id/darksuckslol/
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