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  1. I guess...I'm just gonna close this sh*tshow if anyone doesn't mind. But, I'm just quickly gonna answer a question : EPC / ESK are both CS:S and CS:GO clans. If you wanna know more about both of them, just use the search bar on Google and type the clan's name or ask someone else who will explain it to you with more details. I have nothing to say more. Also, if you can please stop fighting each other like this @AzN and @ni**er, just finish this in DMs. Closed.
  2. Even if you posted the template correctly on your second comment, you needed to do it at the first place so your topic wouldn't be ignored. Anyways, the discussion is now over. Topic Closed.
  3. Sigh, can you please follow the template that has been given?
  4. Can you please follow this template next time? Also, if you wanna report an admin, go to Admin Abuse channel. Closed
  5. What an interesting report right there. You're tolding us that you didn't said anything, but I'm a bit curious about your weapons/commands binds : So, how can you explain all of these messages insulting a whole continent during these last days? The gag is deserved, and this is the last time you're using this kind of behavior. If you think it's so c00l to use these kinds of messages from a weapon/command bind trust me, that's not being someone acting cool, that's someone acting like an asshole. We're getting done of your trashtalk. If you still won't learn about what you've done, you cannot blame us, just blame yourself for not facing your own consequences. Topic Closed
  6. Um...So yeah, not getting unbanned due to the constant evading/rejoining and the toxicity against admins and players Unban Appeal has been Denied Topic Closed
  7. You know Joe mama, it's not because you abused one time that you need to think that it's the end of the world for you. But actually, you legit made your situation worse by annoying the whole admin team on Discord by pinging all the staff and avoiding mutes with alt acccounts. Discussion is now over. Topic Closed
  8. Alright, I guess the discussion is over now. Topic Closed
  9. +1 Well written application. Experience on CS Servers isn't a problem, the work as admin won't be that hard and you'll have time to learn it anyways . Even if I never saw you on NiDE, I'm wishing you good luck for your application.
  10. +1 Well written application + active guy, good luck buddy
  11. Nightmare Beginning... ----------------------------- ze_saw_final ze_haunted_lab_escape_v2c ze_666_crazy_escape_b3s ze_halloween_house_b4s ----------------------------- Special Kickers : - Saw needs to get the Bunker Ending (the 70 secs hold one). If the map generates the other ending, the win does NOT count! - Admins can either let them win but it will not count, or just restart the round. - Except for Halloween House, flashlight are disabled on every maps.
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