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  1. Tea

    why this case in particular? nuk decided to use fire and push on tyranny lasers today which is much more of an obstruction yet you turned a blind eye on it red
  2. Tea

    I already explained it didnt I? this has been done time and time before yet it has never warranted an eban, so why does it have to warrant an eban when i do it?
  3. 1: Your own ingame name : .t 2: Your own steam-ID : STEAM_0:0:137985212 3: Name of the admin(s) involved : Creepy 4: What server did it happen on : ZE 5: What map : ze_dreamin_v3_1_css 6: Time and date : around - [Source Mod] The current server time is 12/10/2020 - 13:24:06 7: Explain the situation : i picked freeze on dreamin stage 1 and decided to use it for fun at the end of stage 1 when lasers come from below, and i got ebanned (for the whole session? ) but its impossible to be blinded by freeze and after reviewing the demo myself the only people that died at
  4. Tea

    +1, saw you as one of the better admins on n4a
  5. Tea

    Oh c'mon Lardy, you should know that activity and abiding by server rules arent the only thing to look for when choosing an admin. The admin position is about putting your own personal feelings aside and working towards the benefit of the whole server. He mentioned about going after a person in his application even, do you really think he can act in an unbiased manner when he has a raging hate boner for multiple people within the community?
  6. Tea

    im gonna laugh so f*cking hard if this guy gets admin and goes on a power trip just to punish people out of pure spite
  7. Tea

    im not trying to hate on lmntrix or anything but i just want to provide my 2 cents. i think that someone in lead admin/head admin position within any community should be well regarded and understood by the current set of active players and admins. from recent stuff it doesnt seem to be the case. and please grow a bit thicker skin instead of banning someone for petty insults. edit: i also vividly remember that on october 3rd he had a heated arguement with wicked and kicked him mid gameplay and brought up demoting him on mako, leads publicly picking up fights with normal admins does
  8. Tea

    Listen to me you cunt, you keep trash talking EPC while you ur self keep sucking ESK people dick coz they hate epc, so either you shut the f*ck up. You think you are coolest but you are dumbest one, I regret I met you, cya and f*ck off from EPC because it's not dead, and it will never die you piece of sh*t
  9. Tea

    unless both of us got bad rng on 2nd part of boss after tp that is, the slay was okay considering the number of uncertainties
  10. Tea

    not really, i have seen it done before with 3 people on nide with the same item combination, so the situation remains mostly the same.
  11. Tea

    If by this you mean going back to the way it was with map groups, I honestly dont think this will end well for the overall server population. It would be better to let the server reach its own equilibrium without much interference. And to support @ShadowCreepy's point, the few days of the year the chinese players decide to come to css and play on ZED, the server is full for literally the whole day while playing laser maps. Obviously states how much people prefer to play these maps.
  12. This guideline of having 1 version of a map is not even consistent, cosmo v1 is on the server (although its admin nomlist), genso is there (the difference in both versions are big but the point still stands) , and worst of all pirates v3 and v5 are on the public nomination list. When it comes to wester v7 and v8, both versions play out differently and like v8, wester v7 is also an extremely stable version of the map. I dont see any reason to exclude it from map rotation.
  13. Tea

    It isnt the same In theory "40-65-40-65-40-65 population" is the most ideal situation with the current system but this just doesnt always work in practice, most of the time server population drops too hard and we may have to wait hours before we can nominate something good again (even during peak hours). So it seems much better to prolong the 65/65 situation with laser maps than let the server die immediately after it rendering the players unable to nominate a laser/hard map. So in relation to what i said above, its definitely not a situation where we dont have the patience to wa
  14. Tea

    +1 Favourite korean nigga
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