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  1. 1: Your own ingame name: allah2: Your own steam-ID: will update3: Name of the admin(s) involved: RubyRose4: What server did it happen on: nide zombie escape5: What map: atix panic, random escape6: Time and date: 18.07.2021 @ 14:21, 18.07.2021 @ 14:38 (time of posting this)7: Explain the situation: atix panic - ruby uses M3 to boost zombies to the end from the top floor stairs, somewhere towards the last rounds of the map random escape - ruby starts banning people for using nades in random escape (me and some other guys)8: Proof: demos, nide source bans ze_random_escape_b7_3.bz2 18.07.2021 @ 14:38 16.5 MiB ze_atix_panic_b3t.bz2 18.07.2021 @ 14:21 11.6 MiB edit: the boosting in atix panic happened towards the last few rounds, im not sure which one exactly. sorry i dont have an exact time.
  2. thank you for the feedback, but nide players have no friends, so i dont see how it can be abused edit: wtf is this retarded excuse admins get notified for no reason? like a single message in the chat box will ruin their gameplay. dont think like an african ok i read everything you wrote, i had a stroke in the middle, i dont really understand what you try to say
  3. Updates? More feedback? Can we make it happen? @Lardy @Hobbitten
  4. mind bringing this post to the attention of more admins so we can hear more opinions and it'll move faster?
  5. Thanks. Question is whether it’s possible to even do this tho
  6. I was thinking about this lately due to the fact that some players use the mic for 1 sec and get insta muted by retard admins who try to win the olympics of fastest muting, while other spammers can play Barbie girl for 20 mins straight and when players complain the admins go like “BuT wE wErE vIbInG”. the suggestion: make it that after a specific % of players in the server use !sm command on someone (for example 20% of the players online in the server), admins get notified and have the choice whether to mute or not. That way we can actually f*cking tell if players are vibing or there needs to be a mute. But also make sure that until the specific % of !sm gets reached, some dumass admin can’t just run to !mute after 1 sec cause he thinks he’ll get “admin of the month” award for most mutes or something. discuss edit: lmao I imagined you ni**ers take it to a whole other level, pulling off something like “we now have a system to count lennies per minute to analyze vibes” or some sh*t hahahahaha but yes feel free to give ideas also if you have cause it’s better than the sh*t mutes now and I don’t even have mic extra edit: read this again, admins get notified and have the choice whether to mute or not. it wont be abused. its just a notify message and admins will decide if they wanna act or not
  7. Actually the guy who made this has a point. This is just admins being so power hungry. You can see people just open the mic for a sec and some admins here are racing to mute them. But damn spamming !everyonertv and other sh*t on nidetv is just fine for some reason… make rules less strict on autism maps or warn before muting or just don’t be dicks lmao
  8. this^ also, you know what i hate the most in the casual maps like mako that we play? that no matter the size of your team if youre zombie, if someone has an item, its just over. theres nothing you can do. low health on vortex, all the items on mako, and other ff maps and so much more. and its so frustrating to play as zombie, because as he said in his words: "at the end of the day humans are playing as zombies, and you want it to be fun for both parties."
  9. decided to contact the creator of random escape, youll might be interested: https://prnt.sc/19oukqc @Batata @paranoid
  10. whats your opinion on having a single map in the server where these kind of stuff like fail nading are allowed? (not taking it to the extreme, knifing should be banned) just a single map. because stats dont lie, look at how many people are online when random is being played. it always pushes the amount of players online to 50+, and it does look like it fits to what you said here^ that people like to die 100 times in a row. edit: yes theres a difference btw between knifing and nading. way harder to aim, you dont have infinite nades, and people can see nades coming and defend.
  11. True, I see where you’re coming from with that and I understand. I still think there’s some difference between the maps you named as example and random. Trap-wise, race to the buttons in the deathrun and killing your mates because always the first one that reaches there has to be an asshole and not wait for the rest lmao, and so on… but I think that there’s another thing to it, and that’s the perception of the server of this map. Look at the demo again, this is literally the only map, that brings out the autism hour of nide lmao, and I disagree with saying that only 2~3 monkeys throw nades, because there’s WAY more. im respecting what you’re saying, but I still think there should be a vote, it’s not a 1 mans decision. We have the casual zombie escape maps in the server and some unique ones, like nemesis in de dust 2, knife fun, some other modes or things I don’t quite remember, and the autism map aka random. if you’re willing to make a vote as to what happens with the map and let the server decide, I’ll respect that, and you can screen shot my obligation here, because I think it’s the right thing to do. And if the vote comes out in favor of adding smokes, f*ck it, community has spoken. You can throw in more modes to the vote. Disable fail nades completely, change spawn ratio, hell, even delete the map from the server, but let the players decide. edit: I don’t think knifing should be allowed, that’s too much, because fail nades you can pretty much block if you defend at least a little, plus there’s a limit on that and what you can do with them. extra edit: a good example for the difference between nades and knife is the spawn box round before first stage. Every time we play random, if someone knifes it’s a guaranteed loss, unlike nades which cause losing right away like once throughout the 20 mins of gameplay.
  12. See I know why you mad, gagging you for cursing me right after joining the server. if you explain to me in a single paragraph how random is a serious map and everyone takes it seriously (cause the demo shows clearly there’s an extra 15 nades with me being thrown, and if your dumass had the ability to read stages names you could’ve seen there’s literally a stage called f*cking failnades), im willing to donate 25$ and quit the server. and just for the sports, anyone who can, my offer is right here.
  13. Make g*y love somewhere else please, no one cares about this here
  14. I watched the video, I throw nades like crazy, it’s true, why is that against the rules? It’s part of the map, and I bet other people as well don’t take this map seriously. also the zoom in on my text was me telling you to not be an ass with the smokes without vote… And the aepp nano IS against the rules. The players first had to use the first extend vote in the main map vote. Read the rules again but what ever, you went ahead and banned me for 5 days after uploading a video of me throwing nades at a map that literally has a stage called failnades, and I wanna ask you and other players in this server: what is wrong with having a one single map out of a pool of over 100 maps where people can have fun and laugh? Not every map is mako, not every map is ff, and iirc and I speak as one of those, there’s people with a different taste in the server, which join to play the easy funny maps that we either beat 100 times in 10 mins or just flat out stupid like this one. Just be a man of respect, ask the people in the server what their tastes are. They want to keep random escape fun and with trolling (to a degree! Not use knives in spawn for example) and to have at least one map which isn’t so easy with that. or do they wanna have now 101 maps in the server they can beat, because you think this map = to other maps like mako and cosmo or others. edit: also i dont want you to think im coming out at you with disrespect. matter of fact lets use this to settle it down for ever. im in favor of making a vote and asking the community and youre in favor of making changes without questioning and i think its just wrong.
  15. who are you? didnt i demote you like 3 times lmao
  16. 1: Your own ingame name: allah2: Your own steam-ID: will edit and update3: Name of the admin(s) involved: batata4: What server did it happen on: nide zombie escape5: What map + 6: Time and date: (ze_aepp_nano_grid2_b2s, 6:12 PM UTC TIME 03/07/2021, if cant find - it was after icecap escape and before random escape) (ze_random_escape_b7_3, 6:37 PM UTC TIME 28/06/2021) 7: Explain the situation: aepp nano - first map vote starts. extend option loses first round of map vote. batata decides to make extend vote for 15 mins. random escape - batata enables smoke nades for the entire map, not even making vote to enable them. ruined the entire gameplay since you teleport after every round to buy zone and ct can buy smokes, just ruined the map. not only that though, he leave in the middle and leaves the smokes enabled. 8: Proof: random escape smokes with no vote: ze_random_escape_b7_3.bz2 28.06.2021 @ 20:36 28.0 MiB ze_random_escape_b7_3.bz2 28.06.2021 @ 21:07 21.2 MiB aepp nano extend vote: cant find the demo for some reason. ill update if i can find it, doesnt show me any demos after 02/07/2021
  17. @laith congrats on the promotion. should i do a +1? not on your admin application of course, but for my signature of demoted admins
  18. 1: Your own ingame name: allah2: Your own steam-ID: will edit and update3: Name of the admin(s) involved: laith4: What server did it happen on: nide zombie escape5: What map: random escape, surf vortex6: Time and date: at the time of this post (will add demo links with time)7: Explain the situation: laith has been donated admin for a while, not sure how long. this dude basically for the duration of time being an admin doesnt flinch a finger towards doing any of the admin's job. but thats not the problem especially since hes donated admin. the issue is being toxic, abusing constantly, and just harrassing other people. we just finished playing random escape 5 mins before posting this. through the entire map time, he kept on spamming !msays calling us g*ys and what not. when senior admins left, which was when surf vortex was played and then random escape, he'd initiate extend votes for couple minutes even though main map vote extend option lost. during zomeal escape stage which he and another guy were the only CT left alive he went up the broken stairs in an attempt to delay. and at this part if the gate isnt being opened its a glitch where you can delay for infinite time. sin slayed him and the other guy, and laith decides to slay sin the next round. @Sin confirm in comments. and probably the worst thing to have as a part of an admin team - a complete asshole. gagging and muting people with resons like: "respect" or as you can see in the pic below. its also not his only mutes/gags, feel free to check past comm blocks, im sure theres more that i didnt catch after getting his admin frozen for spamming 3 extend votes in knife fun 3 weeks ago he says this in shout box: "@allah let me see my name in one of your fcked comments or post and you can enjoy free ddos for rest of the week" "fcking deep sh*t retarded israelian fcker" 8: Proof: demos, chat log, and admin commands hes done all of random escape 20 mins: ze_random_escape_b7_3.bz2 20.06.2021 @ 02:37 17.3 MiB about 5 last mins of vortex after lardy left: ze_surf_vortex_v1_9s.bz2 20.06.2021 @ 02:16 16.6 MiB and if you have free time, read the sh*t talk he says to others in his chat history: https://stats.nide.gg/hlstats.php?mode=chathistory&player=165622
  19. nothing against you. i respect your responses and your requests. asked me not to bully him even though hes being an ass towards me, what ever, im ok with that and i respect what you asked me. the report about the inflating and bowser was in the same post, unless im confused because im not sure on which report youre talking about that gave hiom freeze from 31 may to 7th june, also at this point this is going to be his 4th freeze with this report. also, i really dont care about this niqqer, i was considering not reporting him at this point, and i just dont respond to him, but he keeps being a bitch in chat telling me to report him and being an absolute asshole. edit: just checked, the report on the inflate and item throwing was same post and posted in june 3. your response was in june 7. im not sure how you froze him before i even reported, i cant see any reports on him at all from anyone else aswell look, what ever, you dont have to answer anything, just one question: why every freeze ends up being 1 week? donations are top priority and abuse is something negligible that nide can live with as long as $$$ involved?
  20. this is just stupid at this point. i want to hear an opinion from someone else this time, not life, deepn or the friends. how does one gives 1 week admin freeze for inflating, which dont even make sense, and then even doesnt give the punishment?! @Killik @ire @inGame sorry for the pings, but i want to hear what you think of this, because if reports are handled like this its a freaking joke. im feeling bad for other people who report and get this kind of responses from someone.
  21. 1: Your own ingame name: allah2: Your own steam-ID: will copy later from last posts3: Name of the admin(s) involved: Deepn4: What server did it happen on: nide zombie escape5: What map: ze_rooftop_runaway2_v56: Time and date: 10 minutes ago before the time of posting this7: Explain the situation: deepn gagged me for no reason for 10 minutes. this is the 4th time he abuses as admin, inflates, kicks, what ever. but now i have question for admins, and i dont want @Life is a Bitch to answer: why every time he gets admin back so easy? and why every time you say 1 week admin freeze for every abuse? and why his admin which SUPPOSED TO BE FROZEN is not frozen? 2 days ago i get answer for report on deepn for inflate and throwing items, and still i dont know how admin freeze is given for inflating. wtf????? if someone knifes, inflates or what ever he needs to get the RIGHT PUNISHMENT FOR IT, not admin freeze! also, if that was me, or any random player that you dont give a f*ck about, they'd get banned right away (at least it feels like). it feels like @Life is a Bitchis being strict with me, telling me to stop slapping him in warm up rounds and tells me its "last warning" (which i respect, i dont do sh*t to him now) and while you are strict with me you let this guy do what ever he wants. raise punishments already, stop give 1 week for everything. i talked with icey back then and he said it needs to be longer after every time. yet still, you only give 1 week. AND NOW THE WEEK WENT BY IN 2 DAYS???? ill update the post with the time @Life is a Bitch gave him "freeze" to show you that he wasnt even frozen this time. this is getting f*cking annoying 8: Proof: demo and logs edit: heres a link to the post where he got his admin frozen FOR INFLATING??? and even here, as @Life is a Bitchsays its for 1 week, he responded in monday, and his admin as of 2 days later still active in short: deepn abuse once again, deepn already frozen admin 3 times (every time he gets frozen its for 1 week, never gets more than that even though continuous abuse), this is about to be the 4th freeze. in monday @Life is a Bitchresponds in my post where i report deepn for inflating that his admin is frozen for 1 week for inflating(????????????????????). 2 days later (today) he gags me for no reason (magically still admin even though life says he froze him 2 days ago)
  22. @Hobbitten 24 hrs from now its been 1 week from the abuse,howlong until demos are deleted? also any updates on this or lmntrix abuse?
  23. @Sausage Clicker sorry for ping, just want to know if any updates + why you lock the post on lmntrix? becuz of other players comments?
  24. 1: Your own ingame name: allah2: Your own steam-ID: 765611980657057423: Name of the admin(s) involved: Lmntrix4: What server did it happen on: nide zombie escape5: What map: ze_dreamin 31.05.2021 8:48 PM UTC time, ze_icecap_escape_v5 03.06.2021 1:12 AM UTC time6: Time and date: in 5.7: Explain the situation: in ze_dreamin Lmntrix and deepn inflated, already made a post here https://nide.gg/forums/topic/1081-deepn-inflating-and-throwing-away-items/ deepn and lmntrix had inflated at the same time. also while playing icecap, im not sure if Lmntrix started a vote for changing gravity, but we played the 10 last minutes of the map with low gravity. i wasnt there if there was a vote or not, but it was terrible because people abused it by bhopping and rushing to the helicopter and just activating nuke everytime. he also changed players speed (which was without a vote and happened after i joined).8: Proof: logs and demo
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