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  1. FOX

    NEDRUG abuses

    @hEaDsHoT_BOSSyou really made me laugh,the topic is closed!
  2. FOX

    NEDRUG abuses

    it's not for you to teach me how and what to do!
  3. FOX

    NEDRUG abuses

    I am not surprised by this report,since you have an incomprehensible children's war going on for me,I will solve the question regarding this topic!
  4. Hola!I'll talk to him about it!
  5. hey, I've already told you that there will be a refusal,I've also told you the reason for the refusal several times already!!!
  6. Hi, your admin was frozen for a number of reasons, one of them is what I wrote above, there were abuses before too, I don't need to be in the game to see the admin logs and the demo version of the maps where there were abuses! When we receive complaints from players, we begin to understand and act!now your admin is frozen for a week!
  7. we will give you an answer when your purchase admin is over
  8. since you are the administrator of donations, we will transfer you to the reserve, and after the end of your admin, we will give you an answer:)
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