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  1. FOX

    since you are the administrator of donations, we will transfer you to the reserve, and after the end of your admin, we will give you an answer:)
  2. FOX


  3. FOX

  4. FOX

    So, let's start in order! First, as written above, there is just a bunch of unnecessary information that does not apply to applying for an admin, second, your connection time is very short,and finally, third, I see and hear about you for the first time, at least under this nickname, and if no one knows you on the server, then it will be difficult for you to become an admin, I would advise you, like other players, to try Donat admin so that we can see you in action!denied!
  5. Привет, прежде чем подавать заявку на пробного админа тебе надо быть активней, потому что у тебя очень плохое подключение к серверу,и ко всему этому ты не особо проявлял себя как администратор, поэтому я советую тебе попробовать ещё раз купить админку и проявить себя как админ! Удачи тебе! Пока отказано
  6. FOX

    Just going more than once with the no Steam version I saw and heard how this funtik player insults Glock and other players
  7. FOX

    And what funtik posted as evidence, I want to say they are not insults in his direction! Glockkk it just pisses him off that he can respond to it when funtik insults him!
  8. FOX

    I want to say that I repeatedly went to the server and watched as funtik provoked the player glockkk, and when I appeared, he stopped doing it vystovlyaya all so allegedly glockkk first insulted him, I also watched as funtik insulted other players in particular and me and the same glockkk for no reason! I want to say that in this case I am neutral! Since one starts insulting players for no reason, calling them morons, freaks, etc., and the second just responds to him! I have repeatedly told glockkk to write a complaint or senior admins!
  9. FOX

    I respect Mohamed and his opinion, but I think you can give this player a chance and try to prove himself as an administrator
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