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  1. Vasiliy Toxic Cunt

    Grand Boat Escape Day Time V4_3 good map for nemesis mode
  2. Vasiliy Toxic Cunt

    Actually you have to be at least 90 iq to be admin what i can't notice by ur actions. I said so bcs of this garbage team of recruited admins who aren't capable to do anything
  3. Vasiliy Toxic Cunt

    people can do best of what they can but still may not match admin requirements
  4. Vasiliy Toxic Cunt

    These were obvious trolls and if u can't notice it this means u're incompetent and should be demoted
  5. Vasiliy Toxic Cunt

    Nah, that's you who didn't act.
  6. Vasiliy Toxic Cunt

    are u dumb ? where have u seen me in adminlist on server?
  7. Vasiliy Toxic Cunt

    i wasn't promoted yet
  8. Vasiliy Toxic Cunt

    +1 from me
  9. Vasiliy Toxic Cunt

    1. Vasiliy Toxic Cunt 2. STEAM_0:0:4413733 3. Henry 4. ZE 5. Mako 6. 16:00-17:00 09.08.2019 (9th of august) 7. So, it was last drop for me, bcs i just tired of this absolute incompetence from henry, we'd been playing on mako and i counted approximately `10 obvious trolls with earth, heal and etc. You will ask me in what way Henry reacted on this and i'll tell you that he was totally careless about any of trolls and only when he got trolled by earth he realized that time to punish trollers came, not earlier. So, we see common type of admins who only care about themselves and that's a big problem on nide for a very long time. 8. I hope you record demos on nide, bcs i didn't record one, so i'm sorry in advance.
  10. Vasiliy Toxic Cunt

    Nah, accent sucks)))
  11. Vasiliy Toxic Cunt

    i anticipate it will be 3-12, last time we played it on event without nades and rebuys but with excellent team 1 year ago it was 3-7
  12. Vasiliy Toxic Cunt

    ahahahah, u just haven't seen genso b2, u will sh*t as soon as u see it
  13. Vasiliy Toxic Cunt

    sry, my bad, didn't check maplist
  14. Vasiliy Toxic Cunt

    ze_dreamin_v2_3 add this one ported from cs go instead of v1_8s
  15. Vasiliy Toxic Cunt

    S_A_M, Genso