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Found 2 results

  1. Guest

    Pavlynn retire.

    Hello dear good and some not so good people! Im here just to say something. Its maybe me sad for someone, someone would happy about it, others dont care about this post. anyways.. i would like to give up my rights as LSA/SA for permanent. The reason is im done with CSS and im done with gaming general. Actually im slowly to old for this sh1t . I wish you guys much fun, i will remember some guys for ever. @ire bro, please remove all my rights and if it possible delete my page on forum. Im 100% do not coming back as sad as it sounds. My Plague Clan is goin to Nero and balckskull999 as a new leaders of it. I want to say thank you to special guys i had the honor of getting to know you: ire, you was always nice to me and you teached me so many things. I never saw your face or hear your voice in this 3 years we know each other, but i rlly like you as a person, thank you! nero, i met you just few month ago after i came back from my nearly death (my operation on my kidney) now after 5 month i can say i like you as a person and i happy to have you as friend btw. we will still type in WhatsApp :*. blackskull999 we are friends since mad papys admins banned us permanent 3 years ago xD i rlly miss those days and i will always remember you. I love you m8 (no homo). Doshik, you're so much younger then me but you teached me so much and i will be always thankfull for that! M8 you have potential to have your own server. Thats what i wish for you! I dont wana type to long, there much more guys i rlly like. I know some guys dont like me, but i never cares about people like this xD I will miss you guys! Have a great time. Bye Bye (ps: after this post i will delete my steam and my account on nide.gg so i will not answer back)
  2. Hey admin, i got banned because used the bhop script.. but I really wanted to bring up my game asap and I thought this would a good way because i have very less time left for getting back to my work life again.. also when i was asking all day to people in the game everybody suggested me to google how to use bhop and when i did i got banned.. I thought it’ll completely fine to use it because it was not like the aimbot.. but I accept my mistake.. and I promise i wont use it here after.. please unban me from the server @ABAPer @ire @Killik @Niiarks @aF! mohamed. @Senorita @LowParty
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