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Found 6 results

  1. I've been thinking about this for a while and I have been a bit shocked that nobody has really thought about this but, what do you think are the best and worst weapons for ZE? I believe some good weapons would be the TMP, P90, and M249 (for boss fights and large human teams) and horrible weapons... the Mac10? I would like to hear all of your opinions about what weapons are good or not though.
  2. Hello guys! Some of you may know me, but if you don't know me then I'll present myself a bit ( I do apologise for introducing myself late ) : My name's Mini and I am a friendly 16 year old kid who plays zombie escape. I play zombie escape for 3 months, so I am not the best player, of course. I casually lead players in some maps and I casually die by lagging (no surprise here). I play both on UNLOZE and NiDE, but recently I became an event manager with the purpose of improving myself with events and making good relationships with the admins. I love food (like cheeseburger, pizza or romanian food), videogames (King Of Fighters 13, Cuphead, Minecraft, CS:S) and music. I am a fan of ENA Series as well. I hope we can get along well and I wish you a happy day.
  3. I know laser maps are kinda controversial, so I wanna hear your takes on lasers in maps. Personally they kinda suck for me because of my high ping and the fact that they make games unwinnable most of the time when people pass laser sections, but I think they are interesting because they reward players who have skill in jumping and timing and makes it a rewarding task if you manage to complete a laser section. Sooo I just wanna hear your takes on these types of maps.
  4. Do you have any ZE maps that you enjoy but everyone else hates, or that you enjoy playing but everyone else doesn't know it exists?
  5. This guide will show some things that you need to know when you start playing on a zombie escape server (preferably ours ) If there are any things you think that should be added just click on contact and write them to me. Ok lets start. 1.) What weapons should i use? Actually there are only 2 main weapons that are really usefull for zombie escape: Negev (Very good damage, good zombie pushback, bad reload time, bad mobility, poor accuracy) bizon (Normal damage, normal zombie pushback,good reload time, good mobility, good accuracy) I personally prefere the Bizon because the mobility is very important for bossfights and escaping zombies while shooting them. The secondary weapon is´nt that important because you´re most likely to drop it for an useable item anyways. (I prefer the Five-Seven) 2.) What should i do? To win on a zombie escape map you have to survive and the best you can do to survive is to know the map you´re playing on. The zombies are not the only thing that can make yourself a zombie, there are also many traps. The best thing you can do here is to follow the other players and get known to the map. This takes some time but after some games you will see that you have improved. The most important thing is: listen to the leader. When the leader says "defend", then you have to defend. When the leader says fall back, then you should fall back and so on. It is also very useful to use the command "!stopsound" to mute the guns of the other players so you can actually hear what people say. Further you should always have an eye on the console. For those of you who dont know what the console is: If you see something like "[NARRATOR] Door opens in 20 sec " in chat, this is a console message. Ok now a little checklist: Always listen and follow the leader. use "!stopsound" to mute other peoples guns. Watch your step and know the map. Use the knife to walk faster. Either use the Negev or the PP-Bizon. Dont become a zombie.
  6. Close Beta Test new map ze_surf_dark_fantasy. 07/16/2019 18:00 Msk(GMT+3) possible transfer for 2 hours more Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/dzemapper YouTube Preview Map
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