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Server Rules: Zombie Escape

➽ Server Rules: Zombie Escape:

All  punishments may be increased if the violation is repeated!

➼ Inflating or Teamwork between human and zombies is prohibited, any attempt will result in a warn, a kick or a ban up to 30 minutes.

➼ Griefing in any way (knifing, shooting or pushing zombie forward) is prohibited, any attempt will result in a kick or a ban up to 60 minutes.

➼ General exploits of maps and items (such as edging on purpose or using glitch spots that give you an unfair advantage, using items glitches) will result in a slay, kick or ban up to 60 minutes, it will be increased if repetead.

➼ During any boss fights, if players don't shoot the boss at all, they will be sanctioned by a slay if the stage is still not beaten. If it happens again, the player will be banned for 30 minutes (ban will be longer if it's not the 1st time). Also, if the player has already many records of doing this, he will be banned directly when doing that.
     ➻ Important to note that this doesn't apply to people who don't know how to dodge lasers properly and coordinate between jumping them and shooting the boss in case it is a laser boss fight. Those players obviously will not be slayed/banned for that, since they are not doing it on PURPOSE.

➼ If you pushed a zombie forward with an item/material on purpose, or used an item/material to teamkill on purpose you will receive a ban for up to 30 minutes, and an e-ban (Item restriction) up to 24 hours.

➼ Picking up items/materias only to throw them away, never using them or intentionally misusing them may/will result in an e-ban.

➼ During try-hard sessions such as events, you are often expected to have a basic understanding of how using an item works.

➼ If you do not know, or refuse to listen to people trying to teach you, you may have the item taken away from you without any warning or even be restricted.

➼ Joining the spectator team or re-joining the server as the only zombie alive during a round will result in a ban up to 30 minutes without warning.

➼ Interrupting someone trying to lead a map during a tryhard session or an event will result in a mute without warnings, the length of the mute will be between 1 minute and the map/event duration (this includes trying to mislead a team on purpose).

➼ Laser hacking isn't allowed on server and will be punished with a permanent ban without warnings.

➼ Using STEAMID_PENDING on purpose to avoid bans, e-bans, console commands restrictions, etc, will result in a ban without warnings. The length of the ban will be between 1 day and permanent.

➼ Trying trolling with item for solo, duo, trio etc will result e-ban for 3 days and ban up to 1 week. e.g. especially delaying with item to trim people, not using an item when it is necessary and you understand it (not a new player).

➼ Going on spectator mode just to avoid getting killed and/or lose points will result in a slay in the next round without warnings.

➼ There might be rules that haven't been written here, but that doesn't mean you can abuse in those situations. Use your common sense. Don't do to others what you wouldn't like to be done to you!

➽ Server Rules: General:

➽ Chat & Mic - All  punishments may be increased if the violation is repeated

➼ No excessive spam in chat - violations may be punished with a gag [1min ~ 30mins];
➼ No excessive spam in mic - violations may be punished with a mute [1min ~ 30mins];
          ➻ This also applies for the use of soundboards.

➼ No harassing of other players either in chat or on mic - violations may be punished with a mute/gag [1min ~ 30mins];
          ➻ Jokes are fine, but try to keep it civilized.

➼ Rejoining to avoid self-mutes are not allowed - violations may be punished with a mute/gag [1hour ~ 4hours];
➼ Players with bad quality mics will to be muted without warning;

➽ Hacks and scripts

➼ Any form of bunnyhop enhancement will automatically be limited by the server. Admins will take action accordingly with what is necessary to do. You can ask admins to check your jumpstats if you are wrongfully limited.

➼ Use of hyperscroll will result in a kick. If you rejoin the server and keep using it, it will result in a ban of 1 hour and it will increase if it's repetitive.

➼ Any form of cheating (Wallhack, Aimbot, Bhop Script, etc..), will result in a 1 week ban. If used again, the ban will be increased to 2 weeks and so on.

➽ Sprays

These kind of sprays are not allowed! Violating these restrictions will result in a sprayban / banned spray.
➼ Nudity below the waist;
➼ No discriminating content;
➼ If you think your mom would be embarrased of your spray, don't use it;

➽ Other - All  punishments may be increased if the violation is repeated

➼ Use of map glitches are not allowed - violations may be punished with a kick, or a ban [30mins ~ 120mins].

➽ Calladmin

➼ Abusing the !calladmin command will result in a chat restriction for 60 minutes, that can be increased if done again for the same reasons.
          ➻ This means using it when no rules have been broken, or for anything irrelevant.

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