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    • shiz0 literally can't speak english, he would literally take the word of a random russian over an english speaking admin
    • i thought 6 words was bad, but youve proven me wrong with 8 additional words of utter nonsense. you make no effort to respond to any of my claims and you still wont even say who was behind these "lots of complaints" nor will you admit that your methods of admun'ing are trash such as relying on non-admin's input over your own admin team. i had low expectations here but damn you still managed to shatter them.
    • Now I'll keep a closer eye on everyone
    • i didnt assume anything, shizo himself said he did an eban based on other complaints so i was only asking who that might have been because my chat box only showed admins taking my side in the matter so i have to assume shizo is referring to private complaints from non-admins, of which it may be wicked for all i know.

      but no my original report said nothing of wicked's grudge because i did not find it relevant, well that is until shizo made his comments. and as shizo said it very clearly was not a mistake in his eyes. i was only using wicked as an example of why you shouldnt admin based on complaints from players in the server who have no reason to be fair and unbiased. truth be told i dont think wicked could type and play at the same time so he wasnt even being considered in my eyes

      my experience wasnt ruined, just messed with by incompetent admins who i would like to see explain themselves in a public setting (preferably more than 6 words, im sure english is hard but you can do better than that). as i said it was in fact the server whos experience these admins ruined by not giving nide the best chance at beating the map they have tried for so long to win.
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    • Wicked*

      Yo guys! For all who want to know why i left my admin.
      Quote from discord.
      This is my answer to Lardy who want details. This guy trying to be good manager but he not even able for that his iq is just too low u can see it from maps that he made. Its ok he is not so bad (ofc not even close to be good) i dont mind. We all do job here for free. But. He hate me from the start when even batata asked me to be admin he complained that i made bad application lol. Why he hate me? I dont actually know the reason mb cos he feel that he is too stupid and he cant really communicate with me, idk. As i said before i never gag/mute/ban players no reason. I never did even 1 real mistake from all this year. But if some people like norisk, plex, haziwa, ala, nuk etc. (obviosly trollers who have 10+ bans or mutes) complain for him, he listen to them and go cry for batata before and now he cry for shizo. He never tried to talk with me first but obviously he needed to do it. Why? Beacuse he know that iam not kind person and sometimes i can answer not polite. So he avoided to talk like a man he always did some sneaky sh*t and cry for others before even finding out that really happened. Is it normal? He showed himself like a coward and guy who not able to talk with people. Is this guy deserve to be manager who scared to talk with his admin. Iam just server admin and dont even want to be lsa or higher. I wanted to be admin because i like to play this game and i see that people (most admins) not able to control it. For me its easy. If i play on server and lead we win all maps because i can transfer items, ban trollers, mute/gag spammers and lead at the same time. I need only 2 sec to find right decision. Its so easy to be good admin if u not scared to be one. So i do my job right. But i have to explain for him everything because he is too kind and stupid and cant even understand that trollers know that and they come for him and lie and suck to him. He have no balls to say to them just that it was obviously deserved.
      After that this sneaky bitch freeze me 1 week and then i say im out. 
      · 2 replies
    • AzN  »  ZoMd!e

      hey friend get donated admin to show them you can be good admin. 
      · 1 reply
    • Doshik

      До связи зеленый 😏
      · 0 replies
    • ★DeathNote★

      Люблю я угрожать людям мой исполнитель 
      · 0 replies
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