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    Here we can insult frenchies as much as we want

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    Only the chosen will survive... We are a group of close friends that plays the zombie escape mod, we prioritize enjoyment and fun to the utmost importance, winning and striving to be the best is just a bonus result of our successful gameplay in the end. We are players that will do whatever it takes to have people laugh with us at fun times, or hate us while we laugh together. Our generation is now lost, forgotten, non-existent. We will slowly disappear for now..

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    We are a group of close comrades from across the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Counter Strike Source Zombie Escape community. We share our knowledge & experience through a concerted team effort in order to work side by side with the community. We look towards the completion of the most challenging content on offer. We take joy in achieving success. We place emphasis on success without risking diluting the fun of playing the game for others by ensuring that everyone has a fair shot at joining us at the finish line.

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