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  1. christo

    thats crazy
  2. christo

    they don't perma ban on this server just so you know because you're new but ik what im doing thanks
  3. christo

    I got perma banned and no one seems to care when I come on my alt that is clearly my name so instead of just simply unbanning me they want me to take the complicated route so here it goes: May I receive an unban? No clue why it was perma ban but you know cant blame nide admins. Also if you're going to complain about me going on an alt everyone goes on an alt on your server. Its way too easy to avoid, but I'm not gonna get into that, just gonna be nice and ask for the unban. Also I want to get unbanned so I don't have to sign out of my account and log in one of 964375964 of my alts, too much w
  4. christo

    @BatataThe comedy, the irony, and lastly the stupidity Ok Batata first off, just to give you a little lesson since you are never around and don't do sh*t, I’m not nice to anyone. We all know that but accepting that you are a little low in brain power I congratulate you for catching on my personality. Second you are actually that gullible to believe that I actually inflated in frozen temple when going spec after getting infected. I cannot repeat myself to you anymore since you really have no clue what you’re talking about. Now here is the comedic part “sh*t player” oh God that was funny. Bata
  5. christo

    If it makes you that grrr angry then go check demos I shoot boss all the time on any map. So first ban of course should be a 30 min, ty do your job right. You’re clearly wrong. But you are too self absorbed and arrogant to admit it, especially in this situation because you oh soo desperately want to beat me but point is you wont. We all know you’ll just keep the ban as is and think you get the last laugh but really I can just stay laughing at your autism while I join back in week’s time. So great job on being a server root. Ingame really put a thought in who to pick batata.
  6. christo

    @Batata now you’re REALLY not having a clue what you’re talking about. This was my first time getting banned for not shooting. You clearly just guessed I never shoot which I do believe it or not. So you just ban me for one week when This was my first offense lol. Yeah ok that makes sense. Also, since when do you ban off toxicity? When literally 80% of this whole ze community is toxic. You clearly are not making any sense of your reasons. Also, a spam which I was muted for twice THEN stopped, is not bannable. Also “trolling in many ways” you really are pulling this out of your ass. Apparently o
  7. christo

    And dude @Lunala I would never compare you to batata that is just very rude insult
  8. christo

    @Lunala I told that bitch I don't want his input. He is a biased f**got. Clearly whatever He says will just be from the heart LOL. I want Anwar or Boss to deal with this.
  9. christo

    Negative @Lunala I wasnt supposed to be banned in the first place now I’m supposed to follow your guys criteria..
  10. christo

    @hifielie If you had common sense you could see that I said in my sentences Batata was the one who banned me, or are you too retarded to read? I’m not changing my f*cking template for someone who banned me out of just be completely butthurt. Btw, you can get my ip from my ban I don't have to go f*cking look for it and you all know my in game name and if you were there you know what happened. I literally did nothing wrong lol. Feel free to watch the demo from yesterday on frozen temple lol was the last level. Btw if you’re gonna day I boosted I died and went spec lol. Also I was mz a round so g
  11. christo

    when you ban a player a week for knife out on frozen temple because he did not defend that is just a sad excuse. You clearly did not have a good reason to ban me so what would make a difference if I went spec and didn't do anything? Would you still ban me? The fact that I did not defend and we win and you still ban me for a week makes no logical sense at all lol. Now if I was knifing out on lazers, different story, but the point is batata just made the most delusional ban you could think of lol. I could see why. He didn't win the map so banned me because he was butthurt he didn't win a very si
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