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  1. chet

    its really simple admins didn't follow the guides/rules so i reported them
  2. chet

    yeb simple really make vote to extend and since we already beat it no need to i couldn't ask him that since i am muted so that why i made the report
  3. chet

    Your own ingame name chet2: Your own steam-ID STEAM_0:0:109866543: Name of the admin(s) involved not sure but there were 3 admins and the command didn't show name of the 3 admins: lighting strike, plex,lolsito4: What server did it happen on ze5: What map: ze_westerstand v86: Time and date around 3:15 am gmt+3 saturday 27june7: Explain the situation: so we win westersand v8 godmod witch should mean the end of the map admin decied to change to godmod+insane without vote then decied to extend for 1 last round also without vote8: Proof i think nide tv was on not sure anyway why they didn't make vote for extend+chaning mod? because i am still muted/gag i can't ask them that but they should made vote regardless or wat
  4. chet

    alright when any admins make any kind abuse of anything i will report it and we will see how it goes i will not discusse it with admins and simply report it to the fourms
  5. chet

    what demos and logs u talk about? where they are? and last time i checked gfl and unloze are diffrent servers and not affiliate to nide what so ever so what ever happens on any server stay there and not carry to nide or unloze so if i troll there or sh*t talk anyone or even getting banned there does not matter what so ever
  6. chet

    ??????????????????????????????? look at my stats i only have 8hours total of connection to the server i don't know for years i only saw you like the past few months if you got info about me still sh*t talking to you why no admins told me to stop or u try to join the server? i hope the lead admins see your abuse as well like chaning my name to "" weigh 200 kilo and my name is" and we both know that this mute/gag ban is not right because you reduce it,
  7. chet

    there no temple to use this so i made my own name: chet steam id: STEAM_0:0:41303250 who ban you? rocklee reason? i got 5 days mute and gag context? so we are playing mako today and we all having fun and talk and for some reason i got gagged and muted for 5 days? idk why i did get that and rocklee was not even in the server (there like 4 admins on when it happened) ' this isn't first time rocklee abuse his power some time ago he renamed me to "chet 200kg fat" and i didn't report him then he start to talk to me so i start to talk sh*t back because i am not gone let anyone to sh*t talk me for no reason and everytime i try to talk back he mute me for 10m and gag do i deserve to get past mutes and gags? yes do i deserve to get this 5 days gag.mute ? no date is 24 june around 5pm gmt+3 (nide tv was not up yesterday on madara escape and train but now it is)