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  1. Name 'Luffy ..................... I knifed zm back from humans, bcz zm was there alredy, then he came back and killed them, but he didnt kill directly after knife. Also, system still showed the knifing. And he banned me 30 mins Thank you for the time taken to see this sh*t abuse report
  2. Iris Shehaj

    name-Iris Shehaj steamid- STEAM_0:0:502496588 time- 1:15 map-ffxii_wanderers EXPLAIN- he said: i will listen to Creepy coz he leading, and creepy said: ban Iris, and he baned me, than he removed my ban. do it seem fair? he need demote
  3. Iris Shehaj

    now wanderer baned me and unbaned me he didnt have why to do it
  4. Iris Shehaj

    and BMS, there are so much soundboarders and u mute them for 10 mins and me for 1440 minutes? do it seem fair :(?
  5. Iris Shehaj

    he didnt have why to eban me i could get iteams on dreamin or wanderers, even as a zombie -_-
  6. Iris Shehaj

    name-Iris Shehaj steamid-STEAM_0:0:502496588 time- wanderer-11:00 BMS 12:57 map- wanderer Dreamin, BMS ffxii_wanderers palace EXPLAIN- wanderer- i was with iteam freezer at lasers, and died at last laser, but anyway they won, and he ebaned me for 1440 mins BMS- i was talking to mic, i said only 1 sentence for wanderers abuse and he muted me for 1440. wanderer has muted me unfairily other days too, but i explained todays one
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