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  1. I beg your pardon, for God's sake.
  2. I wanted to tell all about my logic that time you banned me for advertising I still do not understand the reason you could not unbanned me VeNoM#8504
  3. add a map very cool https://disk.yandex.ru/d/BcATT6Fd35-dL
  4. arranged everything in Russian @cmer
  5. I have the same error, only it keeps popping up
  6. VeNoM

    NEDRUG abuses

    Let's think about what to do if you say you don't need me in the game, that's not a nice way to treat a man Fox and tell your brother.
  7. VeNoM

    NEDRUG abuses

    And plus they don't like the fact that I'm always talking about the head admin inGame I also know that the man is very dangerous as well as his brother to break someone else's computer not for my money was bought even that already all support knows that someone will finish me off
  8. VeNoM

    NEDRUG abuses

    I agree with you really inept person if I start talking on the microphone starts saying that it is nonsense on the mats I think you replace what I write in the logs
  9. Причина в том что у меня тресется экран я хз что и сразу вылетает пишит Disconnect: VeNoM timed out. я думаю это иза расскрутки а вот скрин что он не видит сервера
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