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  1. сек https://disk.yandex.ru/d/eWNafVM3CJnbQw
  2. file:///E:/ИНТЕРНЕТ/Mizapro%20Dynamic%201.1.6.xml
  3. У меня есть стиль свой вроде могу одолжить вроде без багов
  4. У меня тоже баги какие то я бы скинул бы сюда
  5. Можно фон сделать по красивее
  6. VeNoM


    Well that was my plan for the Zombie Escape CS:GO server
  7. I talked to him many times, he does not understand anything and the main thing is that he says I love Venom and give him a manager, but the answer is the same
  8. This player is waiting for my server and wants to work for me and is advertising this conversation on discord
  9. I had the same reason before and ended up getting unbanished, which is good, but the good thing is that they discuss me on discord who and what I am
  10. I don't remember anything at all. I don't like sitting in a bathhouse.
  11. I beg your pardon, for God's sake.
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