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  1. same question as before.inferiority complexes?you keyboard warrior
  2. 22?i still can be your father.ask your mom about me,you prik
  3. kid?are you older than 20 years?if you answers is no then i can be your father.and why so aggressive?do you have inferiority complexes?
  4. its too late man.i was enjoing the map and you ruined it.watch better next time
  5. 1: Drader 2: STEAM_0:0:6139679 3: Hope 4: Zombie Escape 5: ze_cosmo_canyon 6: aprox 9:30pm 31/12/2019 7: Someone ELSE knifed zm in front of house.I was in front of the sheeps and tryed to knife the zm away.He banned me instead of the true knifer.Nub admun
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