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  1. ColdZero

    Hi, thanks for the fast repsonse. I've been an admin myself in the past so I know stuff like this can happen. Cya
  2. ColdZero

    In-Game Name: ColdZero Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:26621159 Banned by: Sausage Clicker Server: Zombie Escape :: NiDE.GG :: Rank|FastDL|SSD Reason: nice glitch potato Hi, i was just banned by admin "Sausage Clicker" with the reason "nice glitch potato" I'm not new to the Zombie Escape gamemod and it was never my intention to abuse any glitches. Honestly I'm unaware of what exact glitch i used. The only thing I can imagine it was because my walking speed was a bit faster then usual. But that was due the reason I joined the server for the first time this day. The zombies were already chosen and I was spamming my Enter-Button to still join the round, which was successful. Dunno if it's an usual effect caused by the Mod itself but most time after the speed disappears. Happens on most maps. In my console-log down below you can see, that I wasnt like waiting in spec to this. I was just a late joiner. Like I said it was never my intention to use a glitch and I appologise if I did. Still I'm asking to remove my ban. Kind regards ColdZero