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Admin Application

Are you interested in joining us? You're in the perfect location!

We're now opening up recruitment to those as young as 16 years old. The key factor for selection? Your maturity.
We believe that age is just a number, and we value your ability to demonstrate maturity as a crucial criterion.

Utilizing Discord is mandatory within our community, as it serves as the heart of our operations.
Having a functional microphone is a plus but not an absolute necessity.

In our commitment to transparency and inclusivity, both players and administrators will have the opportunity to weigh in on your application.
Members have the chance to share their thoughts and insights regarding your potential role within the community.
Following several days of assessment, the staff will have a final decision-making conversation.
This conversation ensures that the collective input of our players and administrators is considered, resulting in a fair and comprehensive evaluation.

Take the first step, complete your application.


  1. Accepted Applications

    In this area you will find all Applications Accepted for a trial period as Administrator. 

  2. Denied Applications

    Sadly, we can't accept everybody. Find denied Applications here. 

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