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  1. Anwar

    Thanks for these kind comments I appreciate that
  2. Anwar

    Hello guys, today will be my last day as server manager I think this is the time where I have to leave my position, since there are problems in my real life I have to deal with them so I am gonna be inactive for amount of time, I don't feel that I have the passion to continue being a staff on nide admins team I would rather to focus my goal, currently I am jobless and I need to find a job bcs I am in bad status in my life,I was thinking to resign for long time ago, you may see that I decided suddenly to leave but I don't have time to explain , I might be able to come when my situation becomes better that would take several months at least, thanks you guys for supporting me I really enjoyed helping Nide and being a staff there for more than a year, best wishes and good luck!
  3. Anwar

    those answers basically very bad and short answers shows that you didn't make a good effort to write proper application, lacking of experience + shows that your English is so bad and that will be huge obstacle communicate . so the app is absolutely terrible -1
  4. Anwar

    my bad i didnt see that part
  5. Anwar

    yeah he made un appeal but he didnt admit that he was doing anything wrong , although Rud just confirmed that he was trying a laser hack " he wanted to try what is lazer hack, but it's went too far... he wasnt able to stop. He did misstake with trying "What is lazerhack"
  6. Anwar

    that was a bad move from him , trolling and glitching around wont solve the issue he could write un unban appeal apologizing for using some hacks that proved it and promising not to do that again
  7. Anwar

    i have to say that Gagaga after he got banned he started to join from alternative accounts , knifing zms and glitching on some maps like mako v6 ones day the server was playing dreamin he joined with different account and knifed zms forward , he got banned by M4adara then he joined again and knifed again to ruin the round and m4adara banned his ip that time now lets take that ip and search on nide stats i found this account this account is the same account who was using zm skin glitch to glitch mako v6 and ruined like 6 rounds on row , and that was causing CTs to lose and he has "laserfag" name the same guy who was glitching on mako v6 which you can see that wicked and toasty confirm that (btw he used that glitch 5 or 6 times according to what wicked told me ) i banned that account laserfag so i had to search on Unloze sourcebans and i found something interested i also searched on laserfag's ips and found 1 of them matching GaGaGa's main account exactly (Crow here is GaGaGa main account while other accounts are alternative) some of laserfag's chat log i am not 100% sure about if he used laserhack on nide or not but these 2 situations i am sure he was doing that , bcs same name and same ip
  8. Anwar

    Hey Joe mama , i will try to be honest with my answer i have been playing with you for amount of time and i think its enough to judge on that , you are too young to be official server admin it's not about your age , its about your mindset it's kind of immature , i am not gonna lie you are useful sometimes and active yeah but still , the bad things that i have noticed then from you , you sometimes flaming /triggering certain people and that is bad behavior for a long run admin experience , also you sometimes acting like a lead admin and removing others punishments without asking them or taking a permission from them , besides you sometimes being impulsive and rushing without thinking previously . i hope you won't take my answer personally , it's -1 for me unfortunately good luck and have a nice day !
  9. Anwar

    The app canceled at his request
  10. Anwar

    Hey Fexia Have spoken with leads and decided to wait more time before deciding about your application. Need more improvements especially in your connection time and general knowledge about zombie escape gameplay, maps and rules. Besides you just bought admin access you can stay with it until it expires so the app will be locked temporarily Thanks for applying
  11. Anwar

    Hey Nikatech I have played with you few times but I believe you have the right mindset to handle the admin, you are active at forums and sharing you ideas /thoughts and that what I like, I admire your honesty to make the community safe, comfortable and enjoyable, taking the responsibility of it., besides your application is well written. Nevertheless, please wait patiently while high admins discussing your admin application, thanks for applying and have a nice day!
  12. Anwar

    Winners have been rewarded!!!
  13. Anwar

    Zombie Escape Mini Event #6 03/07/2020 - 6 pm GMT+0 ze_l0v0l_v1_4 mini event the maps has a lot of colorful things ! Don't forget to join the us ! Goodluck! 3 Days of VIP to winners! Event information: We will play the following map(s): ze_l0v0l_v1_4 (which you can download manually here) the map has 3 stages + bonus secret stage Time of the event: 03 /07/2020 at 6 pm GMT+0 Special rules: Rules will be enforced strictly in all the maps. Spam in the microphone and trolling will not be allowed and will be punished directly, without a warning. Leader: Any willing one. Rewards: 3 days of VIP to winners, for winning the last stage , stage 3. Special Kickers : we may try secret stage depending on the team and score . Connect information: Server: Zombie Escape IP: Steam event link: NiDE Steam Group View full record