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  1. Anwar

    this doesnt sound to me like a serious app
  2. Anwar

    Very low connection time to start with a trial period tbh You need to improve so you get a better chance in future Besides Icey already mentioned almost everything needs to be explained I give credits for that reply, thanks for the application have a better chance in future. Denied
  3. Anwar

    Hey Jason , thanks for your application , despite it was short one but all i see is positive replays about you which make you promising . i am bringing to you a good news ! you have been accepted ! come to discord and say hello
  4. Anwar

    Hey cloud i just read your application despite its short one and your English is bad but you as donated admin doing fairly good, playing most of maps and being active , taking the right decisions , but the thing that i dont like it is spamming soundboards which isnt good thing to do as an admin , i would like to see you 1 part of admin team and helping the community accepted ! message me when you are free
  5. Anwar

    As demon provided the videos, besides he said that you got detected for bhop script with 85 perfect jumps that makes you too suspecius with that perfect aim in the second video , but since I don't have the 100% proof I am gonna reduce the ban Anyway I reduced your ban and it expired already and you can join Have a nice day
  6. Anwar

    Even with these settings we barely playing hard/extreme maps and beating them quickly, bcs the playerbase most the time we don't play rather than an ff map/laser or nemesis and crowd spawn maps I would see the server playing more of those maps, Especially the maps that contain hard triggers, traps and hard boss fights But setting a limited money like 20k not a bad idea
  7. Anwar

    even thu the topic was closed and u didnt follow the template i just checked the demo of ze_ffxiv_wanderers_palace_v5_2f map to make sure , indeed u were using an Aimbot and the ban was justified bcs u were shaking strongly, i dont know why u bothered yourself to make a report for legit ban sorry for the bad quality sure communities dont evolve with hackers @increase
  8. Anwar

    Hey Frodo I have bad news , suddenly you became inactive after you applied for admin, which isn't good to start as trial. So unfortunately your app is denied
  9. Anwar

    hey Vasya good to see you again on Nide team , hopefully you will improve what you was lacking of when you was trial , good luck accepted !
  10. Anwar

    very well written admin application ! i was enjoying reading it with all details , i liked ur good effort to write it , its magnificent ! congratulations you are now a part of Nide admins team Accepted .
  11. Anwar

    Cool name tbh to make an admin application with it Also nice steam id in the application btw
  12. Anwar

    ze_surf_froyo_css3 ze_surf_outside_s3 Could be added maybe , or it's mini event anyway that's mean few maps
  13. Anwar

    Thanks for these kind comments I appreciate that
  14. Anwar

    Hello guys, today will be my last day as server manager I think this is the time where I have to leave my position, since there are problems in my real life I have to deal with them so I am gonna be inactive for amount of time, I don't feel that I have the passion to continue being a staff on nide admins team I would rather to focus my goal, currently I am jobless and I need to find a job bcs I am in bad status in my life,I was thinking to resign for long time ago, you may see that I decided suddenly to leave but I don't have time to explain , I might be able to come when my situation becomes better that would take several months at least, thanks you guys for supporting me I really enjoyed helping Nide and being a staff there for more than a year, best wishes and good luck!