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  1. Anwar

    good luck to beat all stages of LMS
  2. Anwar

    I would like to add a few more things Hamouda sometimes tbh doing like that when map vote coming "VOTE FOR GENZO ITS GOOD MAP, genos next map guys, genzo has many stages, genzo genzo genzo " And the same thing goes for Avalanche and Christmas infection. Well i don't mind to say his map 1 time but he is doing that constantly like 10 times per map vote, in both chat and mic. Also sometimes he doesn't want other players saying they want to play their maps,like Bowser or something , that time i said " let's go necromanteion next map" , but he said "don't go necromanteion it's bad map, Anwar you should remove/delete that map bcs it's insulting islam in 2nd stage, " but then he realized that it wasnt necromanteion, it was PoncherMonkey xd although he wants ponchermonkey to be deleted But still after the realization he still consists that necrom is a bad map!!!
  3. Anwar

    you will be great additional to Nide's admins team since you capable in many things , especially in maps knowledge, and capable of being leader in most of maps. +100 for that
  4. Anwar

  5. Anwar

    Not even worthy to read I just saw you playing today and already you want to apply, you don't have enough experience and significant playing time (you have 3 hrs connection ), besides being no steamer and you didn't make a good effort to write proper application You need to get enough experience in zombie escape mode and better to buy steamed css
  6. Anwar

    i have see you in the server multiple times , seems fair player to me +1
  7. Anwar

    +1 good luck for you
  8. Anwar

    Dude you just copied this application You didn't make any effort to make your own application I haven't seen you playing enough on the server just saw you like few days ago -1
  9. Anwar

    I saw you in the multiple times, you seems social guy and I would suggest to use name "plex" in the server and forum for more easier communicate if you don't mind You wrote a good admin application +1
  10. Anwar

    The player already banned
  11. Anwar

    After FierceG multiple trolling I decided to ban him for 1 day same Deni's punishment @FierceG you can have fun on the server but not with ruining others game play just bcs you want to do a solo or whatever @ShadowCreepy I think you still having personal hatred against bro man salam since you reacting with on his posts and reporting about him when he wasn't an admin, he already left the team if you have something personal this thing can be solved between you and him on private no need to bring it here This topic closed
  12. Anwar

    I think this case already solved so topic closed
  13. Anwar

    Due to multiple trolling from this guy WannaCry (Deni ) especially in Tyranny map, he did it before when he picked the killer item on stage 5 and didnt use it on purpose, and this time he did that So I decided to give him 1 day ban Topic closed
  14. Anwar

    Topic closed
  15. Anwar

    This shouldn't considered as an admin abuse because technically bro man salam wasn't an admin at that time He should be considered as a normal player like the rest during tyranny map Also @Bro Man Salam try to be less rude and toxic when you speaking to others bcs that is not a way to talk to others as admin And @ShadowCreepy I feel like there is something personally here since you only reported about bro man Salam and you didn't involve other admins who were there, you only wrote his name in the report template And ye that Time admins should take an action towards trollers maybe at least an Eban. I agree with sausage admins can't be perfect but try to do our best and making least mistakes or no mistakes as possible