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  1. Accepted ! message me later when you are free
  2. Good luck and see you later best wishes !
  3. Hey Sito welcome back i have to say indeed you were active and did a lot of usefull stuffs but there were few things i have to say , you need to act more serious and mature in general too much of jokes a side , executing commands on other admins for fun or saying negative comments about Nide server doesnt sound really tbh further more if you took my notes into consideration i would say good luck +1
  4. Hey Fuchsboy , nice to see you motivated to be a part of our admins team but i have small things to say 1- your app is too short tbh but its not that big deal 2- you need to be more serious when you handle your admin position and not hesitating to executing commands 3- you mustn't spam as admin bcs it doesnt sounds good further more i would say good luck +1
  5. you got eban for misusing an item not for trolling , that's mean using it improperly and the guy who did the yek got ebanned already but Lightning forgot to add time that's why he avoided it , anyway i told Lightning about that thing and noted that . topic closed
  6. alright , i have to close this topic bcs i saw some irrelevant replays from some people at the end i would say the eban was a bit long topic close
  7. i just watched the demo to get more details about happened that time , i noticed the holy didnt do significant damage to the dragon boss , it did like 20% dmg only or even less , so at this point the holy wasnt necessary since it didnt that much dmg even shooting was doing better dmg , also no one died ye but still wasnt necessary to holy on boss , Lightning ebanned you according to the point of view of most of people what they think. maybe the eban was a bit long but you need to be more carefully when and where to use holy Regarding which admins involved in the report , but why Life got mentioned since he didnt execute the eban command ?
  8. The guy already banned before you making the report xd https://bans.nide.gg/index.php?p=banlist&searchText=The+lunara&Submit=Search But anyway thanks for the report, glad to see some players who are wake when there is no admins online Topic closed
  9. well i just checked the demo that you sent , indeed that moment it wasn't you he was another player but anyway they already said they thought it was you so it was a mistake why you reporting when another player get abused , you seems care about him ?
  10. topic closed , the admin already demoted
  11. closing this topic the admin already demoted
  12. Hello Exa! I just read your application and I admire the good effort you put into it you answers are fine even thu some answers are short imo But unfortunately your play time on the server is too low to apply for trial with it, I have checked nide hlstats.php it shows that you start playing 11 days ago and 4 - 5 hours connection time which isn't really promising I would say improve your play time on the server and be more social on the server + discord bcs activity on nide discord is appropriated , before you applying again These requirements are important to make a good start See you there and have a nice day
  13. Anwar


    this doesnt sound to me like a serious app
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