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  1. I can understand your are trying to help ximik but im getting fed up with the way you are talking dont you think by showing a little more respect that people wil excutally help you more? Ximik can also dm a russian admin. I wil close this report and ask 1 russian admin en batata about the situation.
  2. Please make the report as stated on how it should be made. Report Closed due to not enough information provided
  3. We wil talk to raizel and take the matter at hand Since its the internet aswel. I ask you to take everything with a pinch of salt in some cases you could have also !sm him Thanks for the report
  4. "how will any modification to the plugin address the issues around the unfairness towards CTs of the plugin" Hi Paranoid wel yeah thats testing we wanne know how the player base wil play/react Meaning its a testing fase it also means it subject to change its not the end product i hope you keep that in mind. Thanks for the feedback
  5. Non to less about the hours he meets the minimal end of discussion thankyou paranoid. +1
  6. You are not old enough to apply
  7. This is an example of how to report admin abuse on one of our servers. Please use this template when you're writing your report, if you do not follow this template your report may be ignored. 1: Your own ingame name 2: Your own steam-ID 3: Name of the admin(s) involved 4: What server did it happen on 5: What map 6: Time and date 7: Explain the situation 8: Proof Example: Reveal hidden contents Feel free to explain the situation more thoroughly than what's posted in the example text. Proof is very important, so please provide as much of it as you can before you create a thread here.
  8. Please provide the neccesary information and make a post how we describe it to be.
  9. Hello paranoid wel have a talk with traffic a solution for torch spamming is in the progress.
  10. Hello Paranoid I wil talk to raizel thank you for reporting it.
  11. Hey guys i wanne help but could u give me a summeray what this topic is about in short terms?
  12. I had several complaints all at the same time. Ill speak to the other admins but till then my decision stands.
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