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  1. Akadir

  2. Akadir

    Hello hatdag thanks for the forum we appreciate that the only problem is that you (probably) play in a different time zone wich for us is harder te be active on. We did not deny you we did neither ignore you we where just waiting for the right admin to be online and give us some insight about your behavior, personal behavior etc. We are leaving this topic open and see what we can expect from you in the future. Have a nice day
  3. Akadir

    +1 made me laugh while i had food in my mouth almost killed me lol, Good guy tho good luck
  4. Akadir

    the ban was accedental i stil dont undestand how i banned you my apologies the ban is removed Topic Closed
  5. Akadir

    this report is made for a extending of a map ?
  6. Akadir

    Event #66 - A dragon took my grenade!.... And rocklee stole another one of my 4 wifes
  7. Akadir

    Time to Demote Demon !
  8. Akadir

    wat is even going on
  9. +1 My fellow brother in destroying macedonian pidr 

    1. Winchester


      Hahahah.Thk u brother.No mercy to Macaronyans.

  10. Akadir

  11. Akadir

    i just wasted 1min and 21 sec looking at the vid
  12. Akadir

    https://www.google.com/search?q=google+translate&oq=google+trans&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j35i39j0l6.2128j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 here use it .My brain just had a meltdown trying to read what you said
  13. Akadir

    i dont slay because i dont give a sh*t about someones solo in my defence i taught the slay was justified i will think twice next time
  14. Akadir

    people want to play and not wait for a guy who stands ontop of a roof for 5minuts just to get slayed in a min after he gets down. you got 14zombies waiting on this guy but yet he stil things he got a chance. matterfact that i stil have to explain why i slayed is ridiculous
  15. Akadir

    Neutral everyone deserves a chance but you need more activity. see is as someting to work on