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  1. Akadir

    creepy after making reports :
  2. Akadir

  3. Akadir

    +1 why not i suppose
  4. Akadir

    *Gonna add he often spam torchlight and dont give a f*ck what going on most time, he seem to forget how to do job properly* Man.. Man no need to be this salty creepy im sure whatever is happening in your life must be hard but you wil get past it. As you see not everyone has so much free time as you thats why i cant play ff maps 24/7 like you. Im sure if you ask the other admins around that they would do the same thing as i did (wel exept you but then again you are the one that got demoted not me) all jokes aside mate i just stated that you got banned to the f*cking around in
  5. Akadir

    +1 goodluck
  6. Akadir

    Neutral Maricon
  7. Akadir

    +1 seems good why not i suppose
  8. Akadir

    +1 amazing guy doesnt shy back from trying something new. How is this guy not server manager yet ?
  9. Akadir

    this is gonne be a no from me dawg -1
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