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I dont like people who want to "win" maps

korv med brod

I dont like people who want to "win" maps  

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  1. 1. Do you also hate these people?

    • Yes, f*ck maps with multiple stages / rounds that people want to 100%
    • No, I like to play the same boring map for 2 hours to get a sense of accomplishment

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I think these people are deplorable. They can play a map like boat escape for 1-2 hours just to finish every single stage of it breaking the flow of new maps. Makes me quit everytime there is a multi stage map

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I get where you are coming from. Maps such as Boatescape have had extra stages added to change things up and create a new experience for the map. It has however gone too far, adding 6+ stages turns into a marathon, especially when there isn't much change. I think over time it will sort itself out, maps such as Mako Reactor rarely plays the Race, Heal + Ultima, ZED modes, at least in my sessions. A bigger irony is Uchiha Legacy Stage 4, a lot of players are done with the map after Stage 3 despite Stage 4 being a completely different section of the map.

There is nothing you can do as to either leave the server or try and RTV the map. The playerbase decides with voting on what happens next. Eventually people will get bored of the map and want to play something else.

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