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Locked m1kzzy Weird ban


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  • Player: m1kzzy
  •  Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:149926149
  •  Steam3 ID: [U:1:299852299]
  •  Steam Community: 76561198260118027
  •  Invoked on: 2022-05-12 02:52:52
  •  Ban length: 1 wk
  •  Expires on: 2022-05-19 02:52:52
  •  Reason: Aimbot
  •  Banned by Admin: Linguistic

I was trying to join nide today and to my surprise the console showed that im banned. So I checked the nide bans. It says I was banned for aimbot at 3am when i was off sleeping (???)

I would like to ask why did he ban me when i wasn't even playing. Also never used any types of cheats.

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Hello, you were banned after reviewing the demo due to a player report, I and another admin both agreed your aim was not legitimate, mainly due to the contrast in your movement while aiming versus regular gameplay, however if you're willing to record your gameplay the ban may be removed.

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 I would like to see the demo or anything, because in the ban description there was literally nothing precisied. Looks like random ban from nowhere. It's so sad being acused of cheating after the time spent in both cs.

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Hi m1kzzy, after reviewing and watching the video showcasing this so called "aimbot" I have decided to remove your ban due to the fact that it doesn't show any aimbot in any shape or form.

You're free to join the server any time.

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