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Who is Akilyis?


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Hello!! I'm a kid who plays ZE a lot. I started playing ZE in 2017 (I don't remember the server but it could be NIDE) I left ZE and came back again 4-5 times (2017 Autumn, 2018 November-2019 February, 2019 August-October,2020 July, 2021 January-March, and 2022 February-now). When I was a kid learned CS from my dad  (probably) then I found ZE somehow [2012 (maybe 2013)]then I got fascinated then I watched ZE youtubers a lot (2012-2016) (Jan doedel, Soady, and others) I couldn'T play ZE cause I didn'T know how to until 2017 Autumn. When I played ZE for first time I remember that I was like annoying kids then I changed ofc (2018 November, atleast it was better) Well my Favorite maps are Mako (all of the version expect Malgo),Knife fun,Minecraft adventure,Fapescape,Mirror's Edge. BTW I'm not even 15.

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