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Locked Admin Abuse ' Aton '

Soul Of Sparta

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1: Your own ingame name : ..
2: Your own steam-ID STEAM_0:1:23220243
3: Name of the admin(s) involved : Aton
4: What server did it happen on : ZE
5: What map : ze_lotr_mines_of_moria_v6_3test
6: Time and date : 06.12.2022 @ 04:31
7: Explain the situation : I get knifebanned for boosting, all i did was defending, zombie use teleport & infect players, results = I get banned for 1440 minutes
8: Proof : 

//////////// I didn't know i was banned until i saw this message in chat this is very unprofessional from him he didn't take time to investigate image.thumb.png.0bad98498a90dd6453013c88030781eb.png

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Hi ..

I reviewed the footage and its indeed a false kban as soon as the zombies touch the white light the round ends and a teleport is enabled for the zombies to go through.

I'll have a talk with Aton about the incident and your kban should be undone now. We are sorry for the experience and it wont happen again.

Case closed

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