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  1. 1: Harraga 2: STEAM_0:0:19025260 3: Akadir, Laith 4: NiDE Chill 5: ze_sorrento_escape_v5 6: 01:50 in France 8: No demo since the demo panel for Chill NiDE is pretty much f*cked up. But you can check everyone's logs on sorrento map. Me Laith Akadir 7: I was playing during those hours on the server, then a toxic guy named "flushr" told me I'm a retard because of my ingame name (ironic from someone nicknamed flushr but I won't say anything), I tried to ignore him but sometimes I can be a monkey I admit it so I got a little upset and insulted him in arabic since he understands. Laith who was there gagged me 10 min. He told me in arabic I can't insult other's people mothers blah blah blah. No problem I accept it. Gag didn't go the full 10 minutes cause he ungagged me before. Flushr kept bitching on me, insulting mother as well and got nothing. I got a little upset again but only against him. Then a Discord Manager who launches CSS once a month banned me with the reason "Raging french f**got" (while I won solo against 3 zm on the boat). I suspect one of them kicked me as well since I left the server without knowing why before the ban, no message, first time it happens. I'm just a random player but I think NiDE should fix the management of the ZE admin team asap. Nothing personal, it's even the first time I interact with them. Laith got 2 reports in 1 week. Because he is not impartial and he's not the only one. And for the other one, I think you know his nonexistent activity on both servers. And yes, I know the ban is over since 11 hours. I hope you make the best decisions. Thank you
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