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Закрыто Ungag Funtik

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  1. ➥ Your own ingame name Funtik
  2. ➥ Your own Steam-ID: STEAM_0:1:461173194
  3. ➥ Name of the admin(s) involved: Sticky
  4. ➥ Steam-ID of the admin(s) involved: STEAM_0:1:219028874
  5. ➥ What server did it happen: Zombie Escape
  6. ➥ What map did it happen: no map web ban 
  7. ➥ Time and date: 2023-01-07 10:18:52
  8. ➥ Explain the situation: Why do I have the chat and microphone disabled only on your project on the others I have everything enabled. What happened with us is that you got me hooked when Kilik left the project you decided to move me off the project just like that. I kinda go in and play on your site rarely, why don't I just turn on the chat and microphone rarely.  
  9. ➥ Proof: what happend??
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  • Server Admin

When we are playing events and you spam funtik you are going to get muted very very quickly. 

Non events there is a lot more leniency with spam and people screaming so do be aware of that. 

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  • Management

Hi @ Funtik
IT has been decided that your mute / gag will remain.

If questions let me know Hobbitten#4785

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