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Закрыто NIDe LSA btw

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1: Your own ingame name heechan
2: Your own steam-ID .
3: Name of the admin(s) involved lewis1blalalal
4: What server did it happen on this guy is yekkin every f*cking round (Lead server admin btw)
5: What map


6: Time and date


7: Explain the situation

this guy using ultimate on lasers

8: Proof




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  • CS:S ZE Lead Server Admin

Hello HeeChan,
Yes, I was using holy incorrectly and shouldn't have done that at that point, even though people were asking me to lead the map and I feel like people were trying to troll me.
Regardless, we take these mistakes into account and learn from them.

However, that doesn't excuse you for trolling yourself during the map. Hobbitten saw you pick up Earth three times and use it to troll. I even called you out for that when you trapped myself and everybody else with it as we went through the boss TP. After the third time, you were ebanned and slayed. I really thought you'd know better following your previous mistakes.

Thank you for your report, HeeChan.

Report Closed

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