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[LEAKED] Hobbitten search history!!! Come and see now before mods delete!!!


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32 minutes ago, Harraga said:

hi capuno, i don't like your overlays at all


I know why, heechan leaked admin chat for this event on the darknet.
You were mad that everyone had a little reference in the overlays and you were mad I wasn't going to make a version with only references about you because I didn't even know you at the time, like most users they don't know who you are (they know who the other admins are because they are respected in the community.)

On the leaked admin chat uploaded to the deep web by heechan we can also see you threatening other admins that you will join wafg and go to tumblr and say nide users are racist and you got offended if I didn't change all references to be about you, but I didn't do that so the other best thing was to complain and cry until the overlays were gone.

The CIA has been trying to make you get a gun and has been actively trying to radicalize you and your family. Wake up, it's not everything about you, you and you.

Please try to contribute to society before it's too late for you.

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