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Locked Seems someone like ban players for noreason and didn't explain( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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1: My ingame name:Zlatan Ibrahimovic
2: My SteamID:76561198085342373
3: Name of the admin(s) involved:Chujoy
4: What server did it happen on:Zombie Escape NiDE.GG
5: Map:ze_sorrento_xmas_v4
6: Time and date:unknow because deta wont let me load so i can't replay and watching what time happend
7: Explanation of the situation: I was looking Gino's spray and said "why this one are NSFW? that didn't even have nipple" then i saw Chujoy banned my spray and he didn't said anything just banned me and didn't tell me why even i keep ask him why and when i ask who ban it he just keep silent.
8: Proof: sorry i can't give screenshot or something, i tried load "auto-20240209-075309-ze_sorrento_xmas_v4" but just got unknow command "demopauseafterinit"

forget ingame name and steamID
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the name Zlatan Ibrahimovic was not even show up in the demo

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  • Developer

You don't respect our admins.
I will not let someone waste time for this report. 

Case close, forums account under moderation until end of the month, change your stupid nickname. 
Make a new report with the correct information and respect, if you want this case reviewed.

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