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Can i send maybe 1 skin to put on Server maybe ppl like it, but if i donate only 1 time can i have my personal skin for ever or i need to buy per month something?

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1 thing that is not stated is that if someone already owns 1 of the skins then that skin cannot be bought as a personal skin. For when you buy a personal skin that skin is bound to you until you decide to change it or it expires so if someone else tries to buy your skin then he/she will not able to do that unless he/she asks for permission.

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Imo that could depend on what is actually been asked here..
Like, do you want a skin for "ever" as in say 5 years, but meanwhile also provide the amount of money for that time, like 60 months * skin price = total, or for longer time, but you get my point
If you then pay that amount, then I dont see a problem here, you payed the amount required.
This makes sense, but if you meant like "i pay 50$ and keep it for ever" then there is a problem, cause if they allow this for you, then what about everyone else owning or wanting to buy a skin? If they need to follow the usual way of paying, then what makes you so more special not to do so? Then it doesnt make sense anymore, you see my point?

After all, a skin is just a skin, its nothing special and is only usefull if you have the spare money to put into it, otherwise just dont bother

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