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Locked smygole

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1: My ingame name: dc
2: My SteamID: dc
3: Name of the player(s) involved: smygole
4: SteamID of the player(s) involved: dc
5: What server did it happen on: ze server
6: Map: cosmo v5
7: Time and date: today
8: Explanation of the situation:  we were at the last round and the score was 3-12 and this biggest retard losing heal on purpose, almost to the end (in the elevator). i already see him playing lot of time cosmo so he know exactly the map. So don't try to find excuses for him, because in addition a leader should not make this kind of error on a map he knows.

You should remove his leader acces too, bc he is big retard and very bad at leader (3-13 on cosmo session + troll last round).

9: Proof: session cosmo today, last round, after genesis boss on the last elevator.

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  • CS:S ZE Lead Server Admin

We can’t take action if you can’t be bothered to provide the STEAMID of the player you’re trying to report, nor if you don’t bother to provide your own information. Fix it before you repost please.


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