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aaa mohmmued
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1: My ingame name:aaa mohmmuedモハマド
2: My SteamID:  STEAM_0:0:148662037
3: Name of the admin(s) involved:kayn
4: What server did it happen on:zombie escape nide server
5: Map:Ze_ffxii_westersand
6: Time and date:around 4:30pm to 5:00 pm, 3/18/2024
7: Explanation of the situation: i was just having a chill game with my friend, both of us were in a vc on facebook and we were playing chess and i was also playing css, so what happened was i told the players that the water item is inside the house i saw no one go for it so i went for it and picked it up and after a while of that round i forgot that i had the item coz i was in a call with my friend and that chess game was intense not gonna lie xD and then i got ebanned for 1 week, now im not asking to remove it im just asking to decrease it to 1 day coz i havent done it on purpose. btw i sent 2 links for the proof
8: Proofhttps://medal.tv/games/cs-source/clips/21KXg75EDm9O4E/d1337qArm1TS?invite=cr-MSwyUXQsMTYxMzA3NjE3LA 



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  • Management

Kayn did a good eban here. You should not be picking up items and completely ignoring when multiple people are telling you to use an item + water is an important item. 

And playing another game while playing this game should not be an excuse. You picked up an item to play with that item not sit and move a queen around a board game.

Eunban appeal closed.

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  • Management
  • Solution

I didnt see that there were 2 videos. In the medal clip you clearly see no one going for the item and therefore I will reduce the eban to 3 days instead of a week. 

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