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Locked Gag for no reason


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1: My ingame name:NaziKnight
2: My SteamID:76561198238601440
3: Name of the admin(s) involved:Starlight-Dash 
4: What server did it happen on:Zm Escape Nidde.GG Rank Fast DL
5: Map:Shroomforest
6: Time and date:10:20 3.5.2024
7: Explanation of the situation:I was yust gaged for using !sm Starlight,i DOn' like his voice so I wanted to Mute him and I yust got gaged...It's command that everyone can use it withouth consenquence

8: Proof20240503101812-1.jpg

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  • CS:S ZE Lead Server Admin
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Hello @ kosovo ,
When you join server in normal time or map leader/tryhard, you try !sm me for no reason everytime which looks disrespectful, harrassing and trigger to admin. Specially, you intentionally spammed !sm me 13 times in 4 seconds on April 28th (EU event) when I leading new map port from csgo and other leader help it.
I recommend using /sm <target> if you don't want hear it as a way to avoid it on the chat.
So I will ungag you because you make reported and explained why it happened. And as I advised above, you use command what I said in bold, if necessary.
Thank you for reporting.
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Add more reason in EU event
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