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Locked fius

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1: My ingame name: phil foden
2: My SteamID : /
3: Name of the player(s) involved: fius
4: SteamID of the player(s) involved: dk and dc
5: What server did it happen on: ze
6: Map: uchiha legacy
7: Time and date: today
8: Explanation of the situation: This son of nazis refugees in argentina trimming team with earth at the end of stage 3 (when u have to dodge ball). 

Thx to WB and lewis 2 old and vétéran admin on nide, for doing... nothing.

9: Proof:


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  • CS:S ZE Lead Server Admin

I was this close to instantly shutting down your report for failing/refusing to provide required information AGAIN which you have done previously, but I will do a common courtesy and check this one for you.
Since you failed to provide a demo tick, I had to manually find the part of the demo where this happened, and I can now give my result on this.

Fius did use earth in the middle during the ball lasers, which did trap some CTs and risk them being killed. He will receive 2 weeks eban as a result.

I will once again reiterate how important it is to provide the nessecary information to help us pinpoint these things and help you get these matters resolved as fast as possible. Any future reports without providing the relevant information will automatically be closed. We are not going to tolerate reports that lack SteamIDs in the future because you couldn't be bothered to do so.


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