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  1. ImHiFieLie.UnbanPlease

    U asked for it
  2. ImHiFieLie.UnbanPlease

    1: Your own ingame name Anonymous_.101 2: Your own steam-ID dont give a f*ck 3: Name of the admin(s) involved All admins 4: What server did it happen on ZE 5: What map Vortex 6: Time and date go find out yourself 7: Explain the situation: why are the players getting banned for glitching on 1st try, they didnt knew about the glitch , it happened for the 1st time, and the f*cking ni**er pedohpile admin root banned them without a warning, was he sleeping. Unban all the players 8: Proof Unban all the players, you can ban them when they again do it on purpose. You have only 1
  3. ImHiFieLie.UnbanPlease

    At last
  4. ImHiFieLie.UnbanPlease

    We want bhop back on every f*cking map. The maps are utter trash now. Enable bhop pls
  5. ImHiFieLie.UnbanPlease

    @IXR Icey Cake Pls Shaurma v3+v4 event someday
  6. ImHiFieLie.UnbanPlease

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