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  1.  Malala 

    That makes it okay to go around kicking random players?
  2.  Malala 

    1: STEAM_0:1:163976933 2: Malala 3: Creepy and Deni 4: ZE 5: Mako 6: 21/11, 2pm server time 7: Creepy kicked a random player 3 times assuming he was myself, Deni froze a random player leading to his death presumably because he thought he was myself. 8: Creepy Deni
  3.  Malala 

    Creepy : malala friends attacking nide admin application
  4.  Malala 

    I fail to see how what nacro did can be considered aimbotting but not the latter.
  5.  Malala 

    How can this be considered an aimbot but not this
  6.  Malala 

    +1 Good guy.Good luck
  7.  Malala 

    идите нахуй ебучий мусор
  8.  Malala 

  9.  Malala 

    Why are you two even admin, your logic is literally just "I have a personal vendetta against you so I should be allowed to admin abuse"
  10.  Malala 

    Malala STEAM_0:1:163976933 Lmntrix (Killik, witness) ZE ze_mountain_escape_v5_zy 21.10.2020 @ 10:57 I had steam id pending (a bug where your settings do not load and you cannot pick up items among other things) I got MZ, so I took the opportunity to quickly rejoin to fix this, when I rejoined I was still a zombie and rejoining does not avoid MZ (it's based on a timer and it's set to around 10 seconds) right after rejoining I got banned for "avoiding mz" Along side that he beaconed me when I was last alive despite actively trying to complete the map (the objective of the mode is to survive for 4 minutes then all the zombies are set to 1 hp and respawn is disabled and you must kill them) I also got accused of using a vpn and told to turn it off, first of all there is no rule against using VPNs and I wasn't even using one. Evidence demo: Recording; Beacon: Ban:
  11.  Malala 

    Roughly 2 minutes before round end zombies and humans are set to 1hp, I would've gone then if zombies still hadn't came to me. It's called Zombie Escape, zombies are meant to hunt for me, I told the zombies where I was, they were delaying as much if not more than me. I was attempting to to do the objective in this case, just waiting for a trigger or for the zms to come to me.
  12.  Malala 

    +1 need more nosteam admins for diversity and representation
  13.  Malala 

    1: Malala 2: STEAM_0:1:163976933 3: ischiu, Lardy (was on server at the time) 4: ZE 5: ze_mountain_escape_v5_zy 6: 2020-09-29 03:00:00 7: I was attempting to win the map, I had a decent chance of doing so and he slaps me so I fall off the edge and die 8: Can get demo but Lardy was there to see it.
  14.  Malala 

    Except nightingale literally has more speed? First of all that isn't how VAC works, secondly you go faster when going up a ramp. Which is?
  15.  Malala 

    You used the laserhack to use the norecoil + speedhack but didn't use the laser hack part of it? Why should we trust you when you've constantly lied, how can we prove you did/didn't use the laserhack, any laser jump is technically possible.