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  1. hello dear @ pnf7 well to be honest you still new on allllllllll this etc etc etc for short it and many words etc etc, you neeedddd mooree time to learnnnn and to spend on the server etc, This requires sufficient experience and knowledge about the server and many things as well for admin power comms, etc etc , so yeah -1 for sure
  2. Hello dear @ _zloy_ , Well, I will shorten my words/comment as it is the same and has not changed from the previous admin application etc, here : So Also, My vote Has not changed as it is (+1) , and yeah that's it!,+ Wish you The Best Luck brat (ツ), Regards (ツ)¯\_(ツ)_/¯(ツ).
  3. Hello dear @ _zloy_ , ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ so first of all I will be honest like always, in the beginning, you are a good and calm player, and I have known you for like 2 years on the server, almost since 2021, so also there is no problem at all with your style/behavior with others or anything else like these shit things, etc., At least I didn't see you harassing others or annoying players, or causing any problems on the server or being very Toxic Or childish and immature behavior etc etc, Throughout these two years, so your behavior/style is still good, and about your active time On the server, honestly, in the past (months ago), you were not very active, but at the present time, I see your active become very good on the server these days/weeks, and this is good!, and yea you will learn more and a lot things etc and quickly with your Trail admin, and this will be very easy. As I see, you are a calm and understanding person and you can learn quickly and listen. This is what is important, so I do not see any problem in you to be on the team at all and to prove yourself more will be with your Trial admin. You just need a little bit learning and that's not really a problem It's normal, because this is your start as a Trial Admin in the beginning I / We will help you on this of course in/as a/our Team, so let's give him a chance and lets see, there is still hope, soo yeah that's it!, So Take (+1) From me and good luck bro (ツ), Regards(ツ)¯\_(ツ)_/¯(ツ).
  4. hello dear @ Dark __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ First of all I will be Honest like always, Soo I will short my words as much as I can, Firstly, I do not remember at all that I saw you on the server two years ago. This is not true I think The first time I met you and saw you on the server was in 2022, soo yea there is nothing happened/changed in 2020 idk what do you mean at this point. but Anyway, frankly, I do not see at all that you are ready to become a real Admin in our team. I mean that There are many things that are missing in you to become a real Admin onn Our (Zr team) . I mean, you had the opportunity when you were a Donated admin, but you failed and you was demoted because of the abuse you did etc, even though I and the other admins warned you to stop, but you did not stop and you did a lot, Do you remember? anyway, you are still missing a lot things like From the experience way and knowledge of the server and how to use the admin correctly and not by disturbing the players and not listening to the Higher admins when they warned you about the abuse you did but you ignored them, and also Insulted them do you remember ?, so you must change your style and your behavior and Be serious and mature about this because it is not a joke at all prove yourself to all of us and there is a ( Donated Admin ) you can prove yourself with this or even you can even prove yourself without the (Donated admin) (how?) Simply just play normal and be good with everyone without any annoying behavior to other players/spammin mic etc etc. It is not really difficult, and with regard to experience in how to use the admin etc., here we are the ones who can help you with all this, but now at this moment you don't have no sufficient experience, knowledge, or professionalism at all, and you also need experience in dealing with players problems etc and taking fast act at the same time it's not easy at all you have to learn all this from us, but not in annoying them. When you were Donated admin, you were putting a lot of pressure on the players, and frankly, you were annoying them in this way. You will never become an admin with this method, I explained all these points etc before to two people a short time ago. I will summarize a lot of what I said briefly, because I still have a lot to say, but since I wrote it before in the (BOOM BOOM) and (jonathen) admin applications, I explained everything there and explained important points regarding admin, server etc etc etc, so this is also my response to you in this admin application as well, right there _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ + anyway Do not lose hope, there is always hope for change, and I myself/our team ready to provides you/anyone with all the assistance required in all this , but also prove yourself/change from your side So we can help you, but if you stay like this, in this same situation, we can't do anything unfortunately ://, I just I don't want any future problems to occur on the server because of a simple mistake, as like this mistake happened a while ago, anyway, I hope you have understood what I mean from my message in a positive way. I never mean anything bad in a negative way, of course no, but rather in a positive way, and speaking frankly and logical. so yeah that's it!, Soo (-1) from me and I wish you the best luck in the Future. Regards (ツ)¯\_(ツ)_/¯(ツ).
  5. @ KONO-KIWI geroy somalia-QR gAayroy Kiwi site comments 2023
  6. hello dear @ jonathen , _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ So like always I'll be honest , So in the beginning, I don't really know you or anything about you (Almost), and the first time I saw you on the server was a few days ago, and also through watching your chat on the server since your first days there I noticed some inappropriate words from you :// and some other things that show that you still don't know much about the server/Admin stuff/thing etc etc, so I will summarize a lot of words, here from the Boom Boom application , , and this is for every new player on our Zr server , for those who have not completed months on the server, new ones just like you etc., for those who have only completed a few days or a 1/2weeks etc, on the server, so yes, this will remain my opinion and this In fact, it is true and very logical, so as I said before and I repeat this, you cannot become an admin when you are a new player (in a days!) on the server. I mean There is still a lot and a lot to learn, and it is not an easy thing like you think, and as I started playing here since 2017, 7years almost So I can know or notice that whether the player really has enough knowledge and experience about server and Admin to be ready to become a real and fair Admin in our team etc etc, and I explained all these details in my comment on the Boom Boom application , and these details are very important in order for you to gain full experience and knowledge. Also, as I said we will help everyone who needs help to learn everything about the server and everything about the functions/things of the admin etc., so that is why you You need at least a months to learn all of this and also to prove yourself to all of us that you are able to bear this responsibility as a real and fair Admin, so do not worry, it will be a little difficult in the beginning, but it will become easy with time, and also we will definitely help you with all this, so there is still hope in the future, sooo yea that's it!, Soo (-1) From me and I wish you the best luck in the future ^^, Regards (ツ)¯\_(ツ)_/¯(ツ).
  7. Hello Dear @ B00M BOOM , _____________________________________________________________________________________ Soo like always I will speak frankly. First of all, you are a good player and I have not seen anything disrespectful from you towards players since I met you about like 2 weeks ago, so your approach is very good with everyone and understanding until now, I understand your desire to become (Server admin), and yea anyone can become an admin on our team, of course, but let me explain a few things to you. First, the admin job is not only (slay+kick+ban+gag+mute etc) not only that at all. I mean, there are other things in the admin’s job that are almost difficult for me to explain because they are almost complicated things, but I will try. What I meant is about like how to manage the server and how to manage the players , and how to deal with the problems Which occurs suddenly between players for any trivial reason, and perhaps sometimes, if no admins intervenes to calm the situation professionally way, the problem will develop in the future and become very complex, and for this reason the admin must intervene as soon as the problem occurs and calm the situation without punishing the players as much as possible To keep the players and to keep the server better. This not really easy ://, you need enough experience to deal with such things in the admin's job, and as well as how to deal with cheaters and spammers/chat/mic etc etc , accurately, with focus, and in professional ways. So what I want to tell you is that you are still new to all of this. I mean you still not ready as I see, A simple and quick example: When you were (Donated admin) on your first day, you made a simple mistake when you used the admin commes incorrectly (abuse) on the players, and then you were warned for this behavior I and ire (the Manager) who warned you, if you remember, and we know and understand. It was a natural mistake because it was your first day on the server as a Donated Admin. You did not know that this was a misuse of the admin, and then you knew that, so yea this also why I said that you need time to learn a lot in the future. This is still the beginning. for you and you are still new here as I know. I met you about 1/2 weeks ago (almost), so how will you have gained all the experience and sufficient knowledge within about a week and a half? Of course no. What I want to clarify is that you need Time of course, because you are still New, you must spend months on the server To prove yourself and in order to gain experience and knowledge about the server and about everything and how to deal with many things as a real admin, all you have to do is to continue playing on the server for at least months, you may have gained enough experience and knowledge to become a Real Admin from our Zr team, this is what I see and this is very logical, and also don't worry we will help you of course throughout these months me and all our Zr admins team will provide you with the help you need to learn everything about the server and other admin functions etc etc, All you have to do simply is watch us how we act and deal with cheaters etc players spammers And other complicated things etc etc. Then you will learn more and then you will feel that you will really be ready to be a real Admin in our team. and yea that's it, soo (-1) from me and I really I wish you all the best luck in the future ^^ , Regards (ツ)¯\_(ツ)_/¯(ツ).
  8. hello dear @ Caroline , ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ First, I'm very happy to have you back to us safe, and honestly I have nothing to say about you . I mean because you were already admin on our team for about 2 and a half years, and I know you very well, so you already have the knowledge and experience of everything about the server and about the admin/stuff, and other things etc etc etc, Soo Take (+1) From me and Good Luck ^^, Regards (ツ)¯\_(ツ)_/¯(ツ).
  9. hello dear @ Adeel.. , ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ As always, I will be honest. You are a good guy and a good player. I have never seen you cause problems on the server either with the players and with the admins for all these years. You understanding with everyone and your behavior is very good with everyone. As for how much you know how to use the admin etc, honestly you know the some main comms/things etc. In the admin, but not much, so I see that you should learn more about this, and of course I am sure that you will learn more and more about it and gain enough experience when you are with us in the team. Of course we will help you with this, and also something else, frankly I do not see you very active these days in the server As you was before, so it will be good to be more active on the server as you were previously as much as possible, so I see that there is hope in you and you are quick to learn and you will be useful to us in the ZR Admins team. Soo Take (+1) From me and Good Luck bro ^^, Regards (ツ)¯\_(ツ)_/¯(ツ).
  10. hello dear @ CrazyChris , _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I will be honest as usual, you are a good and respected guy, I didn't see anything bad or annoying from you on the server, and I saw that you really helped a lot of players when there were no admins online on the server, you used to spend a lot of time on the server especially NA times like me x)), So you have already learned and gained the main experience and knowledge throughout these months that I spent with you 24/7 x) on the server, about how to use the admin comms and dealing with players, shooters Props cheaters hackers spammers etc etc etc., so you will be really useful to us in the ZR team, and you will learn more and more from others in the team, Soo Take (+1) from me and Good Luck bro ^^, (Geroy W USA MAGA2024 Application RAaAaAaAaAaAHhHhHhH FRRrRrEeEeEeEeEeedDoOoMmMmM ) (buena suerte hermano vatos locos ^^) Regards (ツ)¯\_(ツ)_/¯(ツ).
  11. Eid Mubarak To ALL My Muslims Brothers yaya , عيدكم مبارك وكل عام وانتم بألف ألففففففففففففف مليون خيررررر
  12. Yayayayaya Congratulations Everyone !!! ✿♥‿♥✿(❤ω❤)✿♥‿♥✿ (❤ω❤)
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