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  1. Hey, Indeed I didn't see any reason for the slay but it happened at the end of map so it didn't really affect anything. It was unnecessary but we will just go with a warning on this case. Also didn't see anything worth giving a gag for "insulting". You can just use !sm or press ESC, choose player list and mute the player there if you want to block voice + chat. Closed.
  2. Hey, since anyone can donate for admin we can't really have high expectations that everyone will behave responsibly. Looking at the chat I don't find it necessary to give a gag for that. Also no abuse of commands so I will close the topic.
  3. Read the reason I told you above, I don't want to repeat myself. It doesn't matter if they were your friends or not, it's still not allowed. You are free to report any admins here if you think someone has abused their powers, including me. I don't think there is anything else to add here so I will just close the topic.
  4. Your admin was frozen because you turned someone into human with admin commands and then later slayed a zombie so he became a human. It's forbidden since it interferes with the normal gameplay. I don't know more details about your punishment because it was FOX who froze you, not me so better ask him instead.
  5. Disable chat and name colors from !shop (and use colors from !tag instead since you are a VIP). Will work after that.
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  10. Added zm_droptop_final and zm_druglab_v2
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