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    Thanks for the report. Admin frozen for 3 days due to abuse. It's not severe but not acceptable either.
  4. ire

    The application seems poorly written and doesn't really answer the questions besides your personal life. Also if you were admin before like you mentioned maybe you could have elaborated your answer on question 7. Based on that your application is denied.
  5. ire

    Hey, Agreed that the gag was unnecessarily long. You had 4 previous commbans, 10 minutes each, so increasing the commban from 10 minutes to 360 minutes (original) and then 120 minutes (changed afterward) was way too harsh. I removed the commban. Also talked with the admin so unreasonable punishments like this will not happen again.
  6. ire

    Hey, First of all you should have included date, map name and some proof for your complaint. Anyhow, I checked the logs and found that Niiarks kicked you 1 time with a reason "spec abuse". I watched the demo and you clearly joined the spec to avoid getting killed. It was not the first time because also I told you earlier to stop messing with spec, even translated the message in Russian and spammed it in game chat so I really doubt you "didn't" know that using spec like that was not allowed. Considering this and what Niiarks wrote in his post, giving a kick was reasonable punishment. It's unfortunate that spec has such "abuse potential" but since majority of players can use it like intended, didn't thought it would be necessary to write a special rule for that.
  7. ire

    Denied, for now
  8. ire

    Admin deleted because of severe abuse
  9. ire

    Hey, Bans issued for cheating will not be removed. You can freely play on the server after your ban has expired (11-19-19 18:21)
  10. ire

    Good and active admin on zr but dunno about ze as this is a ze application
  11. ire

  12. I understand your complaint but please notice that maximum punishment for destroying props is kick, spamming in mic is mute and impersonating other players/admins is not even written in the rules. That kind of violations should be dealt immediately on the server (like we do when an admin is online), not afterward since like kicking someone for breaking props 1 day later doesn't serve any purpose.