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  1. ire

    Hey, you were gagged for talking badly about other peoples mothers and then for more insults. Even though you say you are just kidding others might not take it as a joke. Also you know we can just check chat logs and demo. Nonsense topic, closed.
  2. ire

    Hey, well first of all the player was not even playing on the map you mentioned but I checked the demo of previous map where the dialogue took place. I translated everything from rus to eng and I can't see any direct insults from him towards you, pretty much just some swearing like in the messages you posted. I don't really see any point in this topic. Closed.
  3. ire

    Hey, @aF! mohamed. translated me the chat logs and you were insulting Guis in both cases, therefore giving a gag was a proper punishment. Topic closed.
  4. ire

    Thanks for the report, admin deleted because of severe abuse. Also given 1 week mute/gag.
  5. ire

  6. ire

    Denied, for now
  7. ire


    Denied, for now Also you should not copy answers from other people's applications
  8. ire

  9. ire

    Check pm, solved.
  10. ire

    Hey, it's unclear which server this application is for but looking at your connection time you have 1.5 hours on ZE and 4.5 hours on ZR. Maybe play more on servers and reconsider applying again later. Denied.
  11. ire

  12. ire

    Denied, for now
  13. ire

  14. ire

    Alright, there was some unnecessary/misusing of admin commands such as burning players at the end of the map but like Doshik already explained it didn't really affect the gameplay. About slaying you. You can claim that "you didn't block him" but that's how it clearly looks like when I watched the demo. He was using an autosniper and you followed him and blocked his view 2 times before getting slayed. It's true that this situation could have been handled better like teleporting player back to spawn instead of slaying. But I don't see any abuse there, maybe just a little bit wrong approach. We can't write a 1000 pages book for admins how to act in each situations, sometimes it's just necessary to adapt and use common sense. And yeah agreed with you that sometimes Niiarks is using bad language and badmouthing other players. It is definitely not suitable for admins and I hope he will learn from now on. So we will talk to him and make sure it will not happen again. Otherwise further actions will be taken. Thanks for the report. Closed since it escalates too much.