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  1. He made a proof of himself not cheating and explained the false trigger in a doc, if someone can do something unique or better than you in this game doesn't mean he/she cheating
  2. He is banned because some admin called fallag helmi said he used bhop hack on alt account and banned him for 1 week and also hip ban for 1 week, King_Of_Autism is his main account just different name not multi alts cause u lazy maybe ? u didn't bother to check if its his real ip and not vpn again he only have one alt which is banned for 1 week and he kept playing from his main account for 3 months now, he only used vpn cause his ip is wrongly perma banned and he had to use vpn there is no multi alt account some people dont want to get called g*y as a joke, you're an admin you should be aware of that, from chat logs u called him g*y first cause he muted u in chat maybe don't provoke people cause they dont want to see your writings just dont call people with names especially the ones who dislike you
  3. There's something the staff doesnt know about you spoofing many players and changing your steam id Ze Nide Chill : https://stats.nide.gg/hlstats.php?mode=search&game=css-ze-chill&st=player&q=misqusi Ze Nide : https://stats.nide.gg/hlstats.php?mode=search&q=misqusi&st=player&game=css_ze he kept getting kicked because of the anti spoof they installed that's why he couldn't spoof anymore you even tried to spoof batata lol
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