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retardedtriggerfinger [unban appeal]

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  • Server Admin

You were bhop hacking, next time you should to think about using cheats, remember, we will increase ban lenght next time/

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If it be in my right to propose an idea, then I'd ask you to lift the ban and give me a 3 day window to get the recordings. If you're not willing to lift the ban then... I'll take the L now, but when I do gather the recordings. Could we maybe... idk....... *Gasp*  Talk in DM'S!!??

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just out of curiosity, how exactly do you bhop? do you use spacebar or scroll? if spacebar, do you hold it for longer or only press it for a brief moment? or if scrollbar, do you scroll only a bit trying to time it right, or do you have long scrolls? or even scrolling up-and-down

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