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  1. kork event ze_frozentemple_b8_2 ze_hsc_a4_5 ze_eden_a3s (no rebuys)
  2. even if holy does damage to the boss (and it does), it was still just a waste
  3. he probably wants to edit his own post, since in his admin app he first wrote a nonsteam ID but he has bought the steam version since then
  4. luffy banned, didn't say hi to everyone
  5. yama

    admin bms

    The rules of the server can be read both on the forums and on the server, and if you'd read it carefully, you'd see that it states: "Use of hyperscroll will result in a kick. If you join the server and keep using it, it will result in a ban of 1 day and then 1 week and then 1 month if it's repetitive." I saw you in the chatbox stating that on UNLOZE you have no problems with it, but even there the use of it is prohibited, but there we only punish by limiting the bhop (same as sv_enablebunnyhopping 0), capping your speed at 300.
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