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A big compressed file containing all the ze maps?

Eirin the medic GF

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5 hours ago, Eirin the medic GF said:

does anyone have a big compressed file of all the ze maps? for some reason it takes me forever to download a map in css and there's way too many stuff to download one by one in the maplist

If you css download slowly, you want a big 100tb file map downloaded??? Good luck with that  hope to see you ingame in 2050

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8 hours ago, maso said:

Neon's UNLOZE map pack
I know nide has a few maps that unloze doesn't, but it should cover a wide selection.
*NOTE* gfl.ru button is defunct 


I updateded the program made by Neon. All credits goes to him/her.
Removed GFLClan.Ru and replace it by NiDE.GG

Screenshoot : (4k ultra HQ NiDE logo - clickable)

Source Code - All Credit goes to Neon from Unloze


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