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Закрыто CS:S Event #164 - Nominations

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CS:S Zombie Escape Event #164
Nomination thread

Welcome to the official NiDE event nominations! For event #164, you will have the chance to suggest the kind of event that you want for Sunday.

But please keep in mind that:

  • The event needs to be somehow creative and challenging, globally. If you are going to suggest maps that we play often in the server, please add special kickers to them (ex: low gravity, no items, speed, etc.)
  • You can suggest one map or a bunch of maps. In this last case, try to not exceed a 5 hours duration of the maps we are going to play.
  • The event nominations will make it to the next phase (the poll) based on the number of Likes they have received.
  • Based on what is stated above, only the top5 of the suggestions with more Likes will be selected for the poll. If there isn't a top5, the event managers will choose the more appropriate nominations for the poll.
  • Also, event managers can modify/remove a nomination if they consider that it doesn't fit the concept of an event.

You can nominate a map(s) until Wednesday, 04/05/2022, 9PM GMT+1.

Maps that are not available for nominating, because they were played on recent events:

  • ze_santassination_css2
  • ze_eternal_journey_v1_3
  • ze_sandstorm_css_v1_5x3

Here is a list of the maps we currently have in the server to inspire your nomination. You can suggest maps that we don't have though, as long as they are playable.

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nOt CrEaTiVe EnOuGh EvEnT


Special kickers
Paranoid will be played for atleast an hour with option extends
Minas only armor, horse, dalf, and white knight
Mako item trolling for a solo is allowed and even encouraged.

Paranoid is up to admins if they want to give for team wins, but a solo gives 1 day per solo unless it gets excessive.
Minas 3 days for team win, 5 days for solo
Mako up to admins how much they want to give for team win, for solo its 3 days.

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Event name : Tales of the Lost Kingdoms


No special kickers

Изменено пользователем Dan.
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  • Super 1
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Just in case, I'll add a name to this set of nominations.
"Difficult maps? Show your skill in ZE"
The maps I propose are:
ze_surf_dark_fantasy_v1 (with DarkMode if possible to add more difficulty, but the main objective would be to pass the Secret Stage)
ze_jjba_v5fs(No perks will be added because the goals would be to beat the 2nd version of the 3rd stage and the Secret Stage, no bhop for zombies and humans.)
ze_ffvii_malgo_reactor_css3(The main objective would be to pass the 5th and 6th stage of the map, in case there is a new version of the map, then the one with the least errors will be played)

Изменено пользователем Sandstorm
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The road to become an epic escaper



special kickers in epic_end

・only admins can select modes (use noclip or something)

・goal is to beat all 10 levels (some of them are very hard like god, pegtop, low gravity mode etc, so maybe it needs rules or something like "only 3 challenges in one mode" )

no special kickers in radiance


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EVENT NAME : A Tour With Naruto 

  1. ze_naruto_v2_6e.bsp.bz2 
  2. ze_madara_temple_v1fix.bsp.bz2 
  3. ze_uchiha_legacy_v1_3f.bsp.bz2


  • no rebuys in naruto all stages.
  • bhop enable in madara and uchiha .
  • no chakra item in stage 3 uchiha but u will start with 250hp.


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