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  1. He probably played the rest of the "10k hours" with nosteam client?
  2. Alright, we'll have a look into that
  3. You answered the questions without following the template, it's fine We really need more admins, but i haven't played that much with you, neutral, but still, i wish u good luck
  4. Actually Rognus slayed humans just for one more round, i can't see any problems with that.
  5. Actually slaying humans in nemesis and knife maps (atix and knife fun) is a stupid action, so let's say there are 3 humans left on a nemesis map, and there are 3 nemesis only, simply they can win, since knife has a high kb, it's too easy to win, slaying humans on nemesis maps may happen if they are far from the win, or they are wasting time on purpose, about knife maps, this mode was made just to farm points, everyone's allowed to farm points, but the same situation goes for knife maps too, wasting time on purpose will result in a slay. I didn't bother to check the demo, but as hobbitten said, you and another 2 humans were so far from the end, and let's say there were 30 zombies?, tell me how u are gonna win against this amount of zombies, but idk man, i think it was possible to win since the map doesn't have defending holds, it's all about traps and stuffs. The slay was 50/50, neutral
  6. There is a new applications system, retired admins should apply again for some reasons that LSAs have put, for more information, ask that turkish akadir the king of kebab
  7. Your Name and Age. (Remember that you can only apply if you're 16+) : Dolly/Mohamed - 27 Your Discord UserName: (aF! mohamed. #1906 for example) : Dolly#4035 (My old discord id is written here, it would be a shame if i got rejected or accepted as trial admin) STEAM_0 and which server you applying for ( ZE or ZR ) : ZE ma nig*a How long are you playing CSS ? 3 years (CSS v34) 5 years (CSS v80+) You will need minimun of 24h of connection time : Sure Needs a minimun of 3+ players and 3+ admins to get approved + Lead admins will have the final word. : I am dolly, send help Why do you think we should take you into the team? What knowledge do you have, what is important for you ON a server or in the community? i am a famous player in the community, no? i don't think so, but i will be more online in the future, i am not really interested with playing css these days because i am working on my map, but it's fine Which experiences do you have about being an ADMIN and other things that can beneift us having you as an admin? man i was admin before, i know when and how to eban players, i know when and how to ban trollers, i know how to talk with others, i know when and how to gag/mute players especially the kids (oniichan and unchained), i have a good mapping experience, i can help you with strippers and cfgs, and currenly working on my first sh*tty ze map, i know it will be sh*t, but it's fine. Some details about yourself, what are you doing right now, how often do you think you'll play on the server? I live in a very poor city you all know that, and as i said i am not playing that much these days. here is a small question need to answer it , imagine if you are a new admin on the server and there is a player he is being specious to using Aimbot, And you need to deal with him how will you deal with that? Write your answer in full details more detailed answer mean better answer , new admin applications should consider this question . i was admin, so i know how to act with this situation, too lazy to type more words.
  8. Dolly

    NEDRUG abuses

    Wow, so it's like it was me who told nedrug to force rtv without votes? I don't care whoever the admin was, I know his feeling, the map is sh*t for him, but as admins you don't have to care about yourself only, but the others too, so he didn't respect other players's opinions, that was an alone decision for changing the map stop defending your brother, you have to behave with admins in the same line, don't prefer anyone over the others, be f*cking helpful for everyone and play the server a bit you don't know what is happening right there
  9. 1: Your own ingame name: Dolly2: Your own steam-ID: Doesn't matter3: Name of the admin(s) involved: NEDRUG4: What server did it happen on: ZR5: What map: zm_forgotten_town_ri6: Time and date: just now7: Explain the situation: Nedrug forced rtv without making a vote, i haven't played the map for a long time and i want to explore the map again because i totally forgot it, but since nedrug doesn't like it he forced rtv, and the funny thing that they voted for another bad map so there was no point of forcing rtv. 8: Proof: Check demo and admin logs Note: It's right that the map is big and most of the players don't like it, but the main point is not here, the point is why did nedrug force rtv without making a vote? if he made a vote, i would not even make a report since the players want to change the map.
  10. I have many favorite songs but here are some of them: Legends never die (Against the current) Undo (Sanna Nielsen) So am i (Ava max) Alone (Ava max and Alan walker) Bring me to life (Evanescence) Bad liar (Imagine dragons) demons (imagine dragons) ................... I love elina karimova
  11. This problem is well know, since As i am seeing, you are a steam player, so all you have to do is: 1. Open your steam 2. Click on Library 3. Right-click on Counter Strike Source 4. Click on Properties... 5. Then fill launch options with this: +clientport YourIpHere -console 6. Done If you don't know what is your ip, you can run cmd.exe from windows and run ipconfig command An example: +clientport -console (this is not a real ip it was just an example) I hope it helps
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